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IIE’s Group Insurance Program - Seabury & Smith
You can help assure yourself and your family a solid foundation of life, health, and accident insurance with the IIE Group Insurance Program through Seabury & Smith. Check out this program whether you need to build a base of insurance or to supplement coverage you already have.

QUESTIONS? Call (800) 424-9883. In the Washington, D.C., area call (202) 457-6820

A Message from Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual has partnered with the IIE to offer members exclusive savings on quality auto and home insurance tailored for the way you live today. You could also enjoy valuable discounts such as New to Liberty, Newly Married, New Move, and Hybrid Vehicle.* Call (855) 948-6267 or visit Liberty Mutual to learn more or get a free quote.

And with the new Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims App, you can be connected to a dedicated representative to help you through the claims process, so you can get back to the things you'd rather be doing. Click here to learn more about Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims.

*Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. 

A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance

From Dennis Goebel, Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

How to Digitally Archive Your Home 

By Coletta Teske

You never know when disaster might strike. Within minutes, cherished or valuable goods could be ruined. Keeping an archive of your belongings will accelerate the process of replacing damaged property. It will also help you make better decisions about the insurance coverage you need before a disaster strikes. Follow these three simple steps to archive your home:

  • Make a list of your possessions. Some people prefer a low-tech approach to list-making—index cards or a notebook, for example—while others are comfortable with spreadsheets on a CD or USB drive. The method doesn’t matter, as long as the list is thorough, well-organized, and kept in a safe place. You should also remember to adjust your files periodically, deleting items you’ve gotten rid of and adding any new purchases.
  • Photograph your living space and possessions. Use a digital camera or a smartphone to capture rare, important, and expensive items, both in close-up shots and in wider pictures that show their position in the room. You should also photograph each wall, as well as closets and drawers. And be sure to label your photographs clearly, so you can correctly identify which numbers or details belong to which item.
  • Store digital photos and inventory in a safe place. Once you’re finished, find a safe place to store your records. Make a copy of everything and store it away from your home. For hard copies or a USB drive or CD, it’s often best to use a bank’s safe deposit box. For digital archives, Internet-based providers offer digital storage, online backups, or cloud technology to easily access or change your records.

To learn more about Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance or get a free, no-obligation quote, call 800-524-9400 or visit libertymutual.com/iie.

Coverage underwritten and provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116. Reprinted with permission from Liberty Mutual. ©2014 Liberty Mutual Insurance 


Make the most of your ASSN membership and save up to 34%* on UPS® shipping services. Save on a broad portfolio of services, including air, international, ground and freight. Put the power of logistics to work for you. To enroll and start saving today, visit savewithups.com/assn or call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

*See savewithups.com/assn for specific services and discounts. 

Take advantage of special discounts available through the Institute of Industrial Engineers Hertz Member Savings program. IIE Members reference Hertz CDP#1641833 on all of your reservations and be sure to present your membership card or Hertz discount card for identification at the time of rental.

To make a reservation call (800) 654-2200 or visit the website.


WHAT you should know about identity theft. WHY you should care.

IIE is excited to announce a money-saving partnership with industry leading identity theft protection company LifeLock. Here’s why it’s important to you.

Identity theft is a lot more than a stolen credit card number.

A lot of people think their credit card company gives them identity theft protection. Sure, they protect you against fraud with your card, but identity theft is a lot more than that.

LifeLock watches out for you in ways your credit card company alone simply can’t.

What if a criminal gets a car loan in your name? Or even a mortgage? That can be more dangerous than a stolen credit card number and a spree at the mall. When the patented LifeLock Identity Alert® system detects a threat, you’ll be notified by text, phone or email, helping stop the fraud before damage can be done.†

Our partnership with LifeLock includes special savings for you.

So get started, get protected and save. Your LifeLock membership also includes Lost Wallet Protection, 24/7 member services, a $1 Million Service Guarantee‡ and more. It takes just minutes to enroll and your protection begins immediately.

Get Protection

LifeLock Provides 3 Layers of Protection

  1. Go ahead, live freely knowing we’re searching over a trillion data points looking for potential threats to your identity.
  2. When we find something suspicious, we’ll let you know through our patented LifeLock Identity Alert® system†
  3. If you do become a victim, our Member Services Agents are available 24/7 and a Certified Resolution Specialist will handle your case every step of the way.

30 days RISK-FREE* + 10% Off!

How To Enroll:

  1. Visit LifeLock.com or call 1-800-LIFELOCK
  2. Use promotion code: IIELife
  3. Complete enrollment by providing your required information

Or click HERE to get enrolled.

LifeLock, the LockMan Logo, "Relentlessly Protecting Your Identity" and LifeLock Ultimate are registered trademarks of LifeLock, Inc. 

*At the end of the 30-day trial period, your card will be billed automatically ($8.99mo/$98.90yr for LifeLock Standard™ service or $17.99mo/$197.90yr for LifeLock Advantage™ service or $26.99mo/$296.90yr for LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ service. All pricing excludes applicable sales taxes) unless you cancel within the 30-day trial period. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-LifeLock. Offer is for new LifeLock members only. 

†Network does not cover all transactions. 

††Fastest alerts require member’s current email address. 

‡The benefits under the Service Guarantee are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help your recovery. As this is only a summary please see the actual policy for applicable terms and restrictions at LifeLock.com/legal. 

View the LifeLock Privacy Policy at LifeLock.com/privacy. 

View the LifeLock Terms and Conditions at LifeLock.com/terms.