Ask the Expert: Quality Control and Reliability Engineering

Building quality from scratch

Q: I’ve signed up for a new project at work where I must start up a quality department and set a quality standard for an aluminum roller shutters plant. This plant has been working with no quality standards, and they want to change the way they have been working. I am not sure where to start. Please guide me through this as I am a fresh college graduate.



Ensuring quality

Q: I work in an operation where operators place vials into a kit. Some vials are required to be placed into a specific location in the kit. What is the best way to ensure that the correct number of each of the vials is present and in the correct location? Currently, we visually inspect for the correct number of vials and proper location. Should we try RFID or ultraviolet coating of vials?


The right belt

Q: What is the eligibility for earning a Six Sigma yellow belt? Does it have any educational equivalent such as an undergraduate or graduate degree or is it just a certification?


Some tools don't translate

Q: I have to solve a problem by using the 7M tools. Could you give me information about them?




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