Ask the Expert: Ergonomics

If the shoe fits

Q: What is the importance of footwear flexibility during human walking? And how can we know what degree of flexibility is suitable for users?


Shifting shift work

Q: Our company runs three shifts, five and a half days a week. We want to implement a 24/7 schedule. Some suggestions have been to work people four days on and three days off, over two 12-hour shifts, instead of three eight-hour shifts. Is this possible, and would it increase productivity?


Sit or stand?

Q: In general, is sitting or standing (on anti-fatigue matting) better for improving worker productivity for highly repetitive, short cycle-time, light assembly work in terms of an eight-hour shift? If there is no proven difference, what can be done to improve worker productivity in this production setting?


Ergo processes

Q: We are starting a company-wide ergonomics program to identify issues, educate and train people, and fix problems. What can you tell me about implementing a new program or identifying companies with good programs to benchmark?


Sizing up text

Q: I'm looking for a reference that offers guidelines for the text size on signs in industrial settings. Are you aware of a chart, table, or formula for calculating the appropriate height of text based on the distance from which it is viewed?


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