IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition


The third IIE-CIS Mobile App competition is designed to provide students with opportunities of developing practical mobile apps based on theories and practices in the field of industrial and systems engineering or related fields and taking business initiatives for the mobile apps.

Eligibility of participants

  • Any domestic or international, undergraduate or graduate students from higher education institutions in the field of industrial and systems engineering or related fields. Recent graduates whose graduation date is within one year of the proposal submission date may also compete.
  • A team can consist of maximum four members.
  • At least one of the team members must be a member of IIE.

Competition process

  • Proposal submission:
    Teams will submit a two-page description of their apps, by email, for a review by the competition steering committee (John Yoo: jyoo@bradley.edu and Gerry Knapp: gknapp@lsu.edu) by TBA. The two-page description should include a list of team members and their affiliations, the name of the app, a list of features of the app and target market segments of the app.
  • The scope of apps:
    Any app will be accepted if it is based on any concept, principle, technique or application related to the field of industrial and systems engineering.
  • App submission:
    Teams will submit (a) their prototype app, (b) a user manual, (c) software design document and (d) a demonstration video clip to the competition steering committee by TBA. The committee will review the submissions and select a maximum four finalists (teams). Depending on the number of and the quality of submitted apps, less than four finalists may be selected.
  • Final presentation:
    The four finalists will present both (a) technical details of their apps and (b) business plans in IIE-CIS Town Hall Meeting and demonstrate how their apps work. The technical details should include, but are not limited to, (a) features and architecture of the apps and (b) the business plan should include, but are not limited to, targeting market segments, marketing strategy and profit model.

Evaluation process:

  • Approval of proposals by TBA.
    a) The competition steering committee will review and approve the submitted proposals
    b) Acceptance notice will be sent by email from the committee
  • Selection of top four finalists (teams) by TBA
    a) The competition steering committee will decide up to four finalists (teams)
    b) The selected finalists will get a notice by email from the committee
  • Selection of winners in IIE-CIS Town Hall meeting during the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2015, May 30 - June 2 in Nashville, Tenn.
    a) The finalists will make a presentation and show a demonstration of the apps during the IIE-CIS Town Hall meeting
    b) A blind voting among invited judges will decide the winners
    c) The award ceremony will be followed by the voting

Important dates

  • Proposal submission: TBA
  • Approval of proposals: TBA
  • App Submission: TBA
  • Finalists Notified: TBA

Competition co-chairs

John Jung-Woon Yoo, Bradley University
E-mail: jyoo@bradley.edu 

Gerry Knapp, Louisiana State University
E-mail: gknapp@lsu.edu 

2014 Winners

1st place
Team Name: MobiKan
Team Members: Chi-Wei Shih, Chun-Hsiung Lai, Jia-Leng Li and Chin-Chang Yu
Faculty Advisor: Chen-Yang Cheng
Tunghai University

2nd Place
Team Name: MESH CARE
Team Members: Chen Kan and Dongping Du
Faculty Advisor: Hui Yang
University of South Florida

Team Name: EconoRouter
Team Members: Ali Rahmati, Ashish Thirunavalli, Seshasai Bondalapati and Ethan Hinds
Faculty Advisor: John Jung-Woon Yoo
Bradley University

Team Name: QuikTS
Team Member: Jay Cho
Faculty Advisor: Andris Freivalds
The Pennsylvania State University


2013 Winner

Dominic Gordon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ruel Ellis
University of West Indies (Republic of Trinidad & Tobago)


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