President’s Message

Dear members, 

I am happy to report that our Construction Division is moving ahead with new vigor! Several appointments have been made in keeping with our bylaws – please see the membership chair’s message by George Gardner in the September issue of Construction Division News for information on our entire leadership team. We have appointed Matt Horvat to be the president-elect, and he will assume the leadership of the division sometime in May 2013. We have also appointed three directors – Laura Ikuma, Isa Nahmens, and George Gardner; and I have every confidence that this new team will take the division to the next level. Our membership numbers are moving ahead as well – as of July 31, we had a total of 1,479 members which is outstanding, especially when the construction industry is in the doldrums.

We had a successful conference in Orlando – Our ISERC (research) sessions have continued to grow, and our solutions track has continued to carry over to a second day. I would like to thank Laura Ikuma of LSU and Brian Kleiner of Virginia Tech for putting a great research program together. George Gardner and Isa Nahmens worked hard so that we could have a successful solutions track. The Best Paper award keeps getting better and better, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Dan Epstein of the Conam Group of Companies. This year’s winner was John Gresh, a graduate of Drexel University’s Construction Management program. John presented his winning paper, "Application of Lean Principles in Construction Management." He has written an article based on the paper in the September issue of Construction Division News. We hope John will continue his association with us in the future.

Next year, our annual conference will be held in Puerto Rico. That is going to be a great location, but it is going to take some additional effort on our part to find presenters that welcome the opportunity to travel. Our conference planning committee is already hard at work to get the best possible program established, and we certainly need your help. Please get in touch and help us to have a successful construction program in Puerto Rico – both in the research and solutions presentations.

In closing, I extend a special word of welcome and best wishes to all the new appointees in our leadership team!

Best regards
Lincoln Forbes, Ph.D., P.E. 

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