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September 2015

Alaa Elwany 

Alaa Elwany

At the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2015, we chose one of the submitted papers from the ISERC – EM track for our Best Paper Award. This year we awarded it to Mark S. Avnet and Alaa Elwany from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, United States for their paper entitled, Additive Manufacturing of Complex Products by DSM-Based Analysis of Architectures. The SEMS Newsletter had an interview with one of the co-authors, Alaa Elwany about his professional history and involvement with SEMS and IISE.

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March 2015


Toni Doolen

Toni is a scholar and practitioner who is interested in the application of process improvement methodologies and innovation to improve organizational performance. She is also an educator who is dedicated to training the next generation of engineering leaders.

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November 2014

Eileen Van Aken

Eileen Van Aken

What is your academic history from the UG to the highest attained PG certification?
I received my B.S. in industrial engineering and operations research (ISOR) from Virginia Tech in 1988. The department changed its name and degree programs, and in 1991 I received my M.S. in industrial and systems engineering (ISE) and, in 1995, my Ph.D. in ISE, both from Virginia Tech as well.

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September 2014

Joseph Bradley 

Joseph Bradley

What is your academic history from the UG to the highest attained PG certification?
My undergraduate education was as a civil engineer, but I have never practiced in that field. After joining the U.S. Navy while in college and receiving training as a submarine nuclear engineer, I served as a nuke at sea and ashore for 13 years. My next step was to switch communities in the Navy and attend graduate school, earning both a master's degree in mechanical engineering and the professional degree of mechanical engineer.

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May 2014

200x220Elaine Johns   

Elaine Johns

How would you describe your professional self in a few sentences? As an energy solutions consultant, I am focused in the areas of strategic planning, power supply planning, utility rates, marketing, and economic analysis. I am responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the firm's Management Consulting Practice Area. In this role, I facilitate strategic planning meetings with clients - at board, executive, and staff levels - to assist them in determining and accomplishing corporate goals and future strategies. I also assist clients with succession planning, organizational design, and the development of business opportunities, including long-term assistance to help with the success of the endeavor. Under my direction, the EnerVision staff provides management consulting support to EnerVision's clients.

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March 2014

Prithima Reddy Mosaly 

Prithima Reddy Mosaly

Prithima earned a B.S. in industrial and production engineering from KLCE in India, followed by a M.S. in industrial engineering from Lamar University in Texas. She then earned a Ph.D. in industrial and manufacturing engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Prithima is trained in industrial engineering and specialized in ergonomics and human factors. She is now the research assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

January 2014

 Dr. Brian K. Smith 

Dr. Brian K. Smith

Dr. Brian K. Smith received his Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the University of Arkansas in 2011. He also holds a M.S.I.E. from the University of Arkansas and a B.S.I.E. from Mississippi State University. Dr. Smith spent more than 10 years in industry holding various engineering and management positions with the Sony Corp. His primary areas of interest are design and management of organizational improvement projects, process improvement tools and methodologies, and performance measurement and organizational improvement with primary application to the healthcare and transportation industries.

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November 2013


Sara McComb

Sara McComb has been researching communication and cognition among team members for more than 15 years. She has garnered more than 2 million in research funding to conduct this research from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the Department of Defense. Her research in this area is published in both scholarly journals such as Human Factors, Decision Sciences and the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management as well as practitioner-focused journals including The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, Industrial Management and Organizational Dynamics. Her research has been presented at multiple conferences including ISERC, where her paper in 2012 was selected as one of the five Best Paper finalists for the Engineering Management Track.

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September 2013

  Kirk Knock 

Kirk Knock

Kirk's professional contributions include providing a SEMS webinar presentation that described how to move from a "quality owned" to a "process area owned" management review process in the ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 environment. He discussed how this shift leads to accountability for efficient and effective processes throughout the organization. The content included the "before" and "after" approach used to make the review more engaging and risk-based.

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July 2013

Jeseekia Vaughn 

Jeseekia Vaughn

Jeseekia Vaughn is a fifth-year student studying industrial and systems engineering at Wayne State University. She served as the chapter president of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and the Region IV vice chairperson in the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE). She received the IISE Gold Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership as president of the WSU chapter of IISE during her 2011-2013 year. Her leadership in her NSBE chapter at Wayne State contributed to the growth from a small chapter to more than 61 members in one year!

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May 2013

Dr. Suzi Long 

Dr. Suzie Long

Dr. Long was recently awarded the 2013 University of Missouri President's Award for Early Career Excellence. The Early Career Award recognizes faculty who exhibit exceptional promise within their first seven years. One award is given across all four campuses of the UM System and is based on excellence in research, teaching and service. Dr. Long's IISE/SEMS Activities include SEMS Board member from 2010-2013; SEMS International Committee, co-chair, 2011-present; SEMS Says contribution liaison, 2010-present; and the Invited Session Chair for the ISERC Annual Conference, 2009-present.

December 2012 

Mariana Jackson 

Marianna Jackson

Marianna Jackson is a physician from the University of North Carolina. She is one of the few physicians who have contributed to SEMS. Dr. Jackson has attended the IISE Annual Conference, published a manuscript at ISERC, contributed to SEMS blog, and continues to challenge our society to develop new management concepts and solutions.

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November 2012 

Cropped Jainai M.H. Costa

Janaina M.H. Costa

Janaina M.H. Costa is a postdoctoral associate with the Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is currently working on LAI Lean Program Management Community of Practice. She is interested in understanding what are the appropriate metrics that reveal the impact of implementing lean product development methods, tools and practices. Her interests include product development improvement approaches, with a special focus on process diagnosis. She believes that process diagnosis is one of the main practices companies should perform in order to identify the most relevant improvement opportunities. The analysis and evaluation of these opportunities allow the team to focus their attention where it is needed most.

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September 2012

Dr. Volker Grientz

Dr. Volker Grienitz

Grienitz is an assistant professor for industrial engineering at the Institute of Production Technology at the University of Siegen. He holds an endowed chair of Muhr and Bender GmbH. He received his graduate degrees including Ph.D. in industrial engineering from University of Paderborn. His doctoral supervisor was Dr. Jürgen Gausemeier, and his focus was on technology scenarios. He is the author of more than 25 reviewed papers and book chapters with two primary topics: scenario technique in the area of complexity management and production system optimization with GraFem. In 2012, he earned the best paper award for the "Scenario based Service-Engineering" at the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2012) in Istanbul within the Service Systems Track.

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July 2012

George L. Smith

George L. Smith is a life member of IISE and a long-time member of SEMS, having served as its president from 1996-1999. He earned a B.S. in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University; M.S. degrees in experimental psychology and in industrial engineering from Lehigh University; and a Ph.D. in industrial engineering and management from Oklahoma State University, specializing in human factors engineering.

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George Smith with Premier of China Wen Jiabao 
(From left)
George Smith with Premier of China, Wen Jiabao

May 2012

Robert A. Martins and Arsalan Safari

SEMS is pleased to profile two SEMS members from our Student Committee: Professor Roberto A. Martins and student Arsalan Safari.

Roberto Martins  Arsalan Safari 

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March 2012

Craig DowningDr. Craig G. Downing

Active SEMS member, Session Chair for IERC in 2010, 2011 and ISERC 2012, member of the SEMS Student Best Paper Competition Committee and The SEMS Content Committee

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Dr. Edson Pinheiro de LimaDr. Edson Pinheiro de Lima

An active international member of SEMS from Brazil, member of the SEMS Student Best Paper Competition Committee and the SEMS Content Committee

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January 2012

Garry ColemanGarry Coleman

Active SEMS member and Sponsor of the Student Best Paper Competition

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November 2011

Lukasz MazurLukasz Mazur

Active SEMS member and Leader of the SEMS Blog Team

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September 2011

Russell WootenRussell Wooten

Active SEMS member and Winner of the 2011 SEMS Management Award

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