Operations Research Division Best IERC Track Paper Awards


Manish Verma (McMaster University) and Atiq Siddiqui (University of Dammam), "A Risk-Cost Approach to Routing & Scheduling Crude Oil Tankers"


Juan Ma and Baski Balasundaram, Oklahoma State University, "Solving Chance-constrained Spanning k-Core Problem via Decomposition and Integer Programming"


Sheng Yu and Enrique Campos-Nanez, The George Washington University, "Adaptive Convex Enveloping for Multidimensional Stochastic Dynamic Programming"


Mike Prince, Joseph Geunes and Cole Smith, University of Florida, "Optimizing Exclusivity Agreements in a Three-stage Procurement Game"


Sunarin Chanta, Maria Mayorga. Laura McLay and Margaret Wiecek, Clemson University, "A Bi-Objective Covering Location Model for EMS Systems"


Maria Mayorga and Mark McElreath, Clemson University, "Modeling Confusion: A Model Based Approach to Customer Queue Selection"


James Cordeiro and Jeffrey Kharoufeh, Air Force Institute of Technology, "Analysis of an Unreliable Retrial Queue in a Random Environment"

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