Sustainability – Webinar archive

BUILDER - Sustainable Management System Tool

This webinar focused on a sustainment management system (BUILDER SMS) tool to catalog inventories and utilizes deterioration algorithms that accurately predict future funding requirements to economically sustain facility capabilities. The BUILDER SMS tool is applicable to those interested in incorporating a more sustainable methodology to proactively manage either a single facility or a portfolio of facilities.

Using Lean and Six Sigma to Reduce Electricity at a Large Manufacturing Facility

Learn how Lean and Six Sigma techniques were used to assist a large manufacturing facility with electricity reduction. A top-down statistical regression analysis was used to identify focus areas, and a bottoms-up "Go and See" event format was used to engage employees in seeing energy waste.

Industrial Engineering and Sustainability 

This webinar will be one of a series of webinars offered by the IIE Sustainable Development Division. In this introductory webinar, our presenters will be explaining the vision and mission of the Sustainable Development Division, the purpose of the webinar series the role of industrial engineering in sustainability. 

Pursuing Process Excellence: How to Sustain Your Improvement Efforts 

Many organizations struggle to sustain their Six Sigma, lean tools, or other operational excellence focused initiatives. This webinar will provide you with an overview of how to take these approaches beyond the typical project team and training-based initiatives by changing your existing work systems to make process excellence part of every employee's job.

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