A sense of accomplishment

Every year, professionals and students wine and dine during the honors and awards banquet at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo, waiting to see who will go home with prestigious prizes. That was the case June 7 at the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Hotel in Cancún, Mexico. Researchers and industry leaders were recognized for significant achievements in the industrial engineering field.

Congratulations to this year's winners.

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award
Vinod Sahney, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Captains of Industry 
Jorge Lozano Morales, Prolec GE, Garza
Armando Tamez Martinez, Nemak, Garza

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award
Russell King, North Carolina State University

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award
Sunderesh Heragu, University of Louisville

Medallion Award
Shekar Natarajan, Pepsi Bottling Group

Guy Curry, Texas A&M University
Abhijit Deshmukh, Texas A&M University
Anand Gramopadhye, Clemson University
Cerry Klein, National Science Foundation
Deborah Laudenslager, The Hershey Co.
Fernando Mata, ITESM Monterrey
Rakesh Nagi, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Brett Peters, Texas A&M University
Charles Reilly, University of Central Florida
Neal Schmeidler, OMNI Engineering & Technology Inc.
Jeff Smith, Auburn University
Kazuo Takeda, Disneyland Resort
Janis Terpenny, Virginia Tech
Fugee Tsung, Hong Kong University of Science
Gregory Watson, Business Excellence Solutions Ltd.

UPS Excellence Award for Minority Advancement
Louis Martin-Vega, North Carolina State University

Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Young IE Award – Education
J. Cole Smith, University of Florida

Outstanding Young IE Award – Industry
Anita Ranhotra, Hallmark Cards Inc.

Outstanding Achievement in Management
John Crutchfield, The Boeing Co.

Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering
Sheldon Jacobson, University of Illinois
Edward Sewell, Southern Illinois University

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award
First place: Z. Caner Taskin, University of Florida

Student Award for Excellence
First place: Jacquelyn Kimmel, Bradley University

IIE/Joint Publishers of the Year
Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering, Adedeji Badiru and Marlin Thomas, Air Force Institute of Technology

Outstanding IIE Publication
Statistical Monitoring of Multi-Stage Processes Based on Engineering Models, Liming Xiang and Fugee Tsung

IIE Transactions Awards 
Design and Manufacturing: “A Polling-Based Dynamic Order Picking System for Online Retailers,” Yeming Gong and Rene De Koster

Design and Manufacturing Applications: “Aisle Configurations for Unit-Load Warehouses,” Kevin Gue and Russell Meller

Operations: “Area Variance Estimators for Simulation using Folded Standardized Time Series,” C. Antonini, C. Alexopoulos, D. Goldsman and J.R. Wilson

Operations Applications: “Modeling Hospital Discharge Policies for Patients with Pneumonia-Related Sepsis,” J.E. Kreke, M.D. Bailey and A.J. Schaefer

Quality and Reliability: “Statistical Monitoring of Multi-Stage Processes Based on Engineering Models,” Liming Xiang and Fugee Tsung

Quality and Reliability Applications: “Robust Eco-Design: A New Application for Air Quality Engineering,” Irad Ben-gal, Roni Katz and Yossi Bukchin

Scheduling and Logistics: “Managing On-Air Ad Inventory in Broadcast Television,” Srinivas Bollapragada and Suman Mallik

Scheduling and Logistics Applications: “Using Composite Variable Modeling to Achieve Realism and Tractability in Production Planning: An Example from Automotive Stamping,” Ada Barlatt, Amy Cohn, Yakov Fradkin, Oleg Gushkhin and Craig Morford

IERC Best Track Papers Awards
Computer and Information Systems: “Multiscale Recurrence Analysis of Complex Physiological Rhythmic Dynamics,” Hui Yang, University of South Florida

Engineering Economy: “Examining Real Time Pricing in Electricity Usage,” Natalie Scala, University of Pittsburgh; Samuel Henteleff and Christopher Rigatti, Carnegie Mellon University

Engineering Management: “Sustaining Human Resource Outcomes from Kaizen Events,”
Wiljeana Glover and Eileen Van Aken, Virginia Tech; Jennifer Farris, Texas Tech University; Toni Doolen and June Worley, Oregon State University

Human Factors: “An Assessment of Nursing Workload Exposure Variables,”
Nancy M. Daraiseh, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Modeling and Simulation: “A Simulation-Based Analysis of Different Control Policies for H1N1,” Hamed Yarmand, Julie Simmons Ivy and Stephen Roberts, North Carolina State University

Production Planning and Scheduling: “Multi-Period Network Interdiction Models with Applications to City-Level Drug Enforcement,” Chase Rainwater, University of Arkansas; Thomas Sharkey and Ajay Malaviya, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Quality Control and Reliability: “Adaptive Sequential Experimentation Methodology for Response Surface Optimization,” Adel Alaeddini, Kai Yang and Alper Murat, Wayne State University

Golomski Award
“Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Fiber Bundle Models,” Suprasad Amari and Hoang Pham

Wellington Award
Don Newnan, San Jose State University

A.O. Putnam Memorial Scholarship
Ryan Black, University of Arkansas

Benjamin Willard Niebel Scholarship
Carol Smith Cayo, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Kristen Weaver, The Ohio State University

C.B. Gambrell Undergraduate Scholarship
Michael Lesko, University of Pittsburgh

Dwight D. Gardner Scholarship
Aimee Dilley, University of Oklahoma
William Hyson, West Virginia University
Kevin Tang, Rutgers University

E.J. Sierleja Memorial Fellowship
Yazhe Feng, Virginia Tech

Gilbreth Memorial Scholarship
Ashley Benedict, Purdue University
Michelle McGaha, Texas A&M University

Harold & Inge Marcus Scholarship
Scott Streiner, University of Pittsburgh

John L. Imhoff Scholarship
Paul Lynch, The Pennsylvania State University

Lisa Zaken Award for Excellence
Colton Griffin, University of Tennessee

Marvin Mundel Memorial Scholarship
Blake Cignarella, Rutgers University
Saransh Midha, University of Tennessee

Presidents Scholarship
Maci Dickson, University of Arkansas

UPS Scholarship for Female Students
Margaret Morrison, Virginia Tech

UPS Scholarship for Minority Students
Aeron Glover, University of Tennessee

IIE/Rockwell Automation Student Simulation Competition
University of Florida “Simulator Gators” – James Britton, Natalie Keller, Megan Vrenjak

Innovations in Curriculum Competition
Dave Sly, Iowa State University
Dan Bumblauskas, Iowa State University
Frank Peters, Iowa State University

IIE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition
Thomas Hong, Oklahoma State Univeristy, South Central Region

Construction Division Student Paper Competition
Scott Cody, Rochester Institute of Technology

IIE-CIS Division Student Paper Competition
Trung Le, Oklahoma State University

Lean Division Student Paper Competition
Jair Onofre, Taide Sanchez and Mariza Siller, Universidad de Monterrey, San Pedro

Lean Division Teaching Award
Andres Carrano, John Kaemmerlen and Jacqueline Mozrall, Rochester Institute of Technology

Operational Research Division Teaching Awards
Amy Cohn, University of Michigan
Joel Sokol, Georgia Tech

SHS Student Paper Competition – Graduate Level
William Herring, University of Maryland-College Park

SHS Student Paper Competition – Undergraduate Level
Miekie Treurnicht, Stellenbosch University

Professional Chapter Awards & Faculty Advisors
Detroit, Jeff VandenBoom
Greater Kansas City, Kyle Grabill
National Capital (Washington, D.C.), Russell Wooten
Pittsburgh, Patrick O’Leary
Richmond, Va., George Gardner
South Jersey Delaware Valley, Paul Robert Siebeneicher II
Twin Cities (Minnesota), John Wilson

Central Connecticut, Dan Isherwood
Dallas-Fort Worth, Arturo Villarreal
Toronto (Canada), Kathleen Clough and Laura Chiu
Upstate South Carolina, Jon Morgan

Chicago, Tom Barnstable
Dayton, Ohio, Julie Duffy
Long Island, N.Y., Thomas Fiorella
Southern Piedmont, N.C., Kim Snyder

Most Improved Chapter
Richmond, Va., George Gardner

Phoenix Award
Dallas-Fort Worth, Arturo Villarreal

Global Level Honoree 
Mexican Region - Ana Maria Canto Esquivel, Instituto Tecnologico de Merida

Regional Level Honorees
Central and South American Region - Luis Ignacio Morales Eckardt, Universidad Tecnologico de Bolivar
Great Lakes Region - Martin Cala, Youngstown State University
Mexican Region - Ana Maria Canto Esquivel, Instituto Tecnologico de Merida

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