Outpatient Care

Management tools for internists, designing the patient schedule

This article describes best practices for setting up a productive internal medicine clinic. Many of the practices described in this article can be applied for improved throughput and patient satisfaction in other types of ambulatory clinics.

Quality Improvement in pharmacy inventory control - 2013 Healthcare System Process Improvement Conference presentation 

This presentation covers many aspects of quality improvement in the pharmacy with a focus on improving flow. This presentation covers the project from the lean aspect as well as information technology, facility redesign and human factors.

Vertical value stream analysis to chart a course to patient centered medical home

This presentation at the 2013 Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference provides a case study in the use of vertical value streams for large, complex improvements. Vertical value streams are a multi-layered value stream approach using rigorous project management.  Boulder Community Hospital applied this methodology to the opening a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Process modeling informing the size of waiting spaces

This article in the Perkins+Will Research Journal shows a process modeling approach to defining the size of waiting spaces in a medical office building in the southeast.

Adding Value to the Surgical PAT Process

Using Lean Six Sigma tools, a hospital redesigns its PAT department process so that all charting is completed 72 hours prior to the day of surgery.

Using Material Pull to Improve a Pharmacy Process

Replenishment of IV fluids and medications can be more methodical than repeated visual inspections.

SHS Lean Concepts for the Service Industry: Healthcare Pharmacy Example

A lean project is done with a general physician clinic and an outpatient pharmacy; results are discussed.

SHS Improve Outpatient Clinic Access and Service with Lean Six Sigma

A lean project is done at a cardiac clinic.  Problem is to reduce wait time for an appointment and cycle time of the appointment.  Results are discussed.

SHS Engaging Staff in Lean Improvements for Patient Care Settings

Four lean projects were performed - pharmacy, lab, outpatient clinic, and telemetry unit. Each project was meticulously documented in the presentation. Pre- and post- metrics are included, as well as a discussion of sustainability.

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