Pay for Performance

Meaningful Use: A brief overview for Society of Health Systems

Prevailing misperception is that implementing any EHR complies with HITECH ACT requirements and incentive qualification. EHR implementation is only one part of meaningful use. Meaningful Use depends on workflow, evidence based clinical practice, measurement and reporting. In this presentation prepared for SHS by Kevin Martin, meaningful use is described along with the practical applications for organizations providing clinical care.

Video presentation on models, measurement techniques, and tests for analyzing adherence and performance of evidenced based medicine

In this 2010 presentation at the Dartmouth School of Engineering, SHS contributor and past president, James Benneyan, Ph.D., from the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Northeastern University discusses that challenges of measuring performance of evidenced-based medicine and provides solutions to address these challenges.

The Health Care Hockey Stick: Cost and the current health care reform debate

A blog post discusses several reasons for the current health care funding crisis.

Legislated Irresponsibility

A blog discussion of general American assumptions of quality of care vs individual expenditure on that care.

SHS Improving Quality & Decreasing Costs in the Delivery of Healthcare

Justification of pay for performance

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