IIE Logo Guidelines

It has been requested by a number of our chapters that IIE develop an official logo template for each chapter to use that would allow for local chapter creativity while clearly associating the local brand with our IIE brand. One of the concerns that any organization has to consider is protecting its logos and trademarks. If we do not consistently use and protect our marks, we face the potential of losing the rights to them. Famous examples of trademarks that were lost are aspirin and elevator. At one time, both were registered trade names. This is why Xerox insists that only their machines be referred to as Xerox machines. Everyone else must call their machine a copier.

IIE has developed three official templates for our chapters to use on a go forth basis for associating with our logo.

Your logo can be the same size as the IIE logo and can be placed in the square on the right side, or it can be smaller and go sideways on the right side or below our logo. Whichever format works best for your chapter design.

We have provided examples of how finished logos should appear and have provided an Adobe Illustrator file (e-mail Pam Patterson for file) for you to use to create your own new logo. In the event that you do not have access to Adobe Illustrator, I will be glad to create your new sub brand logo for you. Just e-mail a high quality version of your current logo and I will place it in to the template.

The new logo format will be the only approved use of the IIE logo. So we are asking everyone to work with us to format your logos as quickly as possible. We are currently working on a new landing page for social networking purposes and propose adding all of our official chapter logos on the new social networking pages with links to your site to help you build your membership.

If you have any questions about the new design format or if you need assistance developing your logo, please contact us at chapters@iienet.org.

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