ISERC Research Sessions

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC), which is part of the IIE Annual Conference and Expo, is a forum for exchanging knowledge and discoveries in the industrial and systems engineering research community. Its purpose is to present scholarly work by researchers in academia or industry. Submissions of preliminary research results, works in progress and significant or final results are welcome. A full paper is optional but is encouraged.

Attendees will have the ability to select sessions from a dynamic list of presentations. These talks will include the following tracks:


  •  Computer & Information Systems 
  •  Construction 
  •  Continuous Improvement (Lean & Six Sigma) 
  •  Energy Systems 
  •  Engineering Economic Analysis 
  •  Engineering Education 
  •  Engineering Management 
  •  Facilities Design & Planning 
  •  Healthcare Systems 
  •  IE in International 
  •  Logistics & Supply Chain 
  •  Manufacturing & Engineering Design 
  •  Modeling & Simulation 
  •  Operations Research 
  •  Production Planning & Scheduling 
  •  Quality Control & Reliability 
  •  Safety, Human Factors & Ergonomics 
  •  Service & Work Systems 
  •  Systems Engineering & Design 
  •  Social, Environmental & Sustainability


IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2016 – ISERC Chairs

Zhenyu (James) Kong, Virginia Tech

MD Sarder, University of Southern Mississippi  

 Hui Yang, The Pennsylvania State University  

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