IIE Best Practices in Managing Continuous Improvement 2013 


Learn lessons of global continuous improvement initiatives anytime, wherever you are. 

"The key challenges of managing continuous improvement are sustaining the results and recognizing that it is an iterative process. Organizations need to recognize that change is slow to achieve, and it requires a people-centric approach to achieve sustainable transformation."
-Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, Ph.D., advisory engineer and scientist, IBM 

The Best Practices in Managing Continuous Improvement virtual conference, presented by the Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS), was a big success. And if you missed it and want to have access to the quality content, you can get access to the recorded presentations right here. 

There are seven sessions of insights from an elite group of international thought and industry leaders with examples of successful improvement practices from world-class companies, hospitals and universities such as IBM, Intel, UPS, University of Michigan, Hoag Memorial Hospital and more. Here's your chance to learn those best practices at your leisure, accessing the sessions individually or taking them in consecutively as the live attendees did. It's your choice because you can create your own training experience. 

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Continuous improvement … or perish?

In the era of rapid technological advances and harsh international competition, continuous improvement is not only expected to create a major source of competitive advantage, it is often seen as a prerequisite for the survival of today’s organizations. Still, many organizations don’t realize the full benefits of continuous improvement methods such as lean, Six Sigma and theory of constraints, as they fail to develop the appropriate organizational culture, align improvements with strategic intent, sustain the performance of developed process capabilities or manage an overflow of improvement projects. 

This one-day global virtual conference highlights success criteria and pitfalls faced by managers (including middle and higher-level managers) and improvement facilitators when designing, implementing and sustaining continuous improvement initiatives in organizations around the globe. The conference program addresses the most important challenges behind continuous improvement and provides examples of successful implementations from leading organizations, illustrating how to manage continuous improvement successfully. 

Top reasons to purchase access to this event

  • Learn what other leaders are doing to refine and optimize their continuous improvement efforts. 
  • Receive a comprehensive overview of the factors that determine long-term and short-term continuous improvement success. 
  • Identify tools and methods that can increase shared understanding of, and transparency in, your current continuous improvement approach. 
  • Develop new insights from case studies in various sectors where increased productivity and profitability were realized through the integration of various continuous improvement programs (e.g., lean, Six Sigma, etc.). 
  • Understand differences and similarities in improvement approaches across different contexts, including manufacturing, service and product development. 
  • Ask direct questions of leading experts in the field of continuous improvement. 
  • No travel required – take it all in from wherever you can carry your computer.