IIE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference 2015
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Facility Tour

Facility tours offer an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at continuous improvement in action at various facilities in a variety of industries. Facility tours require pre-registration and separate fees. All tours depart from the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North. Roundtrip motorcoach transportation is included in the fee.

Bosch Logo 

Bosch Packaging Center Atlanta (PCA)

Wednesday, Sept. 30
1:30 - 3:30 p.m. (depart hotel at 12:45 p.m.)

Participants will get an overview of how Bosch’s Packaging Center Atlanta (PCA) approaches Lean principles and applies them to a logistics operation. They will see our implementation of System CIP (Top 5 Systematic), our use of Problem Solving tools (i.e. A3’s, Problem Solving Sheets, PDCA’s, T-Cards), our engagement with Point CIP with a KPI focus, Lean Maturity (5S, Facility Modernization, POU/Kanbans, VSM/VSD, Process Confirmations), and how Bosch PCA links these lean tools together.

Tour Restrictions

  • There will be a short security check upon arrival to inspect bags.
  • Cameras cannot be used during the tour.
  • There will be light to moderate walking so comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn (recommend minimum business casual).
  • Shoes cannot be open-toe style but tennis shoes are allowed.
  • No firearms, explosives, etc.
  • No other restrictions 

We can accommodate persons with a disability. 



UPS Pleasantdale Hub

Wednesday, Sept. 30
2 - 3 p.m. (depart hotel at 1:30 p.m.)

This facility opened in 1977 as a 20,000 PPH hub and expanded in 1985 to a 40,000 PPH hub.

The hub was originally designed with a manual sort and manual small sort. This meant the sorter (small sorter) had to read the address on the package and determine which belt or small sort bin the package was destined to go to. The original unload devices were one or 2 stage manual devices or a powered, non adjustable unload device that went 28 feet into the trailer.

The hub currently has a max capacity design of 51,987 PPH with a demonstrated 47,683 PPH. This includes processing 13,332 PPH in the small sort. The increase in hub capacity is due mainly to the installation of adjustable, 6 stage powered unload devices, the installation of NGSA (Next Generation Sort Aisle) and NGSS (Next Generation Small Sort). 

Pleasantdale building is 310,000 sq. ft. currently runs a Sunrise, Day, Twilight and Night sort.

A preload (loading package cars for delivery) is run during the sunrise sort.

New Technologies

Small Sort Flow Splitter - It splits the volume to the 2 sides of the small sort and is programmable to run 1 side or 50/50 split. There are photo eyes that will cut the belt and the splitter when the small sort feed belts are off. If one side is running, it will divert smalls only to that side. 

NGSA (Next Generation Sort Aisle) – de-skills the primary sort and allows sort changes to be made at any time during the sort for contingency or flow management purposes. An overhead scan reads the label and projects where to sort package. The destination is projected on the package with a light.

NGSS (Next Generation Small Sort) – de-skills the small sort. The small package is scanned and the destination bin is determined.

Smart Scan – Hand held scanners used to link packages to trailers on outbounds will notify the loader if a misload is scanned.

PAL: Preload Assist Device – All packages are scanned, receive a new label telling the preloader which package car, which shelf and the order on the shelf to load the packages. This also enables the preload to adjust each drivers dispatch by specific packages if needed.

Tour Restrictions 

  • Please no cell phones.
  • We have a no weapons policy, and that does include small pocket knives that may be on key chains.
  • Please wear pants – no dresses or skirts due to the fact that we will be walking above the operation on open grating.
  • No high heeled shoes for the same reason as above.
  • Leather, closed toe shoes.