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Construction IE

Q: I have recently decided to venture into the construction industry as my next job search begins. My father has been in construction management his entire life, which is what sparked my interest. I currently work at an aerospace/defense manufacturing company as a manufacturing engineer. It has not yet been a year since I graduated with my industrial and operations engineering degree from the University of Michigan.

What aspects of construction should I begin to research? I find it a little tricky to apply for positions because of my degree and my low level of experience. I have found a company that had an entry-level rotational program that would expose me to project management, estimating, and site supervision over a three-year period. This sort of program seems ideal for me. Is there another aspect of the construction industry that I could explore or consider given my background?


Building an IE career

Q: I’m a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in industrial engineering and minoring in business. I’m interested in the construction industry. Someday I would like to be involved in the preconstruction area of a large company such as Kiewit or Centex Rogers. From preconstruction I would like to move to office engineer. I just don’t know if I am able to do this with an IE degree. What would you suggest?


Course advice

Q: I am interested in pursuing a career in construction; if I could take a course in civil engineering or construction management, what would that course be?


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