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Custom E-Blast

Send an e-blast to the IIE community (members and customers) with a message to promote your business. IIE will help you select the list and send the message for you.* Get your message out to your target market with a dedicated email blast that brings your message front and center in your prospects' inbox. If you have special offers, upcoming events or company information you want to share with customers or prospects, email marketing can be your solution to getting the word out quickly. It is one of the best ways to reach thousands of potential customers around the globe in only a few seconds, and it is a critical element to increasing brand awareness and sales.

Reaching your chosen audience is easy with a targeted email blast using our large proprietary database of high-ranking industry leaders, academics and students. With the ability to customize everything from your sending list to the message, images and logo displays, you have complete control over the content that is sent out to your prospects.

Benefits of email marketing with IIE

  • Highly Targeted Audience - Leverage our vast proprietary database of contacts and segment by primary job function, marketing subject areas and geography to reach out to your ideal prospects. This ensures you're hitting a qualified audience with relevant messaging, increasing response rates.
  • Fully Customizable Messaging - We give you complete freedom to customize your email message to maximize effectiveness. HTML or text, you decide the best fit to connect with your prospects. You choose the complete look and feel of your email, ensuring full control.
  •  Opt-in or Unsubscribe Options - Don't worry about being a "spammer." Every email we send contains an opt-out option, keeping your campaigns targeted to a specific audience and avoiding those without interest.
  • Immediate Action - IIE's email blasts generate immediate responses. Whether it's downloading your white paper, signing up for your webinar, or visiting your website, you'll see instant results.

Contact Hope Teague at (770) 349-1127 or hteague@iienet.org for a custom e-blast quote.

*You provide the HTML and text-only files as well as host the images.




Customer E-blast Instructions

You control the message, your content is delivered to their inbox.

1. Send your HTML as an attachment.

  • All images used within the e-blast should reside on the client’s server.
  • All links to images and URLs will need to be absolute (contain the full URL to the file location) and not relative (stored on your personal computer).
  • Recommended width of the e-blast is 650 px or less.

2. Send a text file (.txt or .doc) of the e-blast copy for Text-Only recipients.

3. Include the text you would like used for the Subject Line of the e-blast.

4. Include the text you would like used for the From Line of the e-blast, i.e. company name (The reply-address will be to "marketingservices@iienet.org").

5. All materials are due (including list request and/or suppression files) five (5) "business" days prior to scheduled departure date. 

6. We will send you a proof for approval to send the e-blast. Approval is required two (2) days prior to e-blast departure date.

Thank you for your business, it is greatly appreciated! 

If you have any special requests, please contact Hope Teague at hteague@iienet.org or (770) 349-1127.

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