The following presentations serve as previews for the 2015 conference in Orlando. The topics discussed in these presentations will be rooted in the many sessions and discussions that will take place at the annual SHS event. Click on the links below as they are made available to view the slides and recording or to register for an upcoming webinar.

Project HELP: Shifting Nursing Time from Care Support to Care Delivery

Presented by HSPI Conference/SHS - Open to All
Jan. 22 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Seth Hostetler, lead process engineer, Geisinger Health System

Project HELP (Healthcare Enabled Logistics Program) aims to give back clinical time to nursing by engineering improved methods to support the delivery of care by improving care support services, developing an information system, and developing a new staff role.

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How ThedaCare Created Its Own Management System

Presented by HSPIC 2015 and the Society for Health Systems
Dec. 16

Presenter: Kim Barnas, author and faculty, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value 

Hospitals have been relying on heroics and firefighting to save the day, resulting in a lot of people putting safety and quality at risk while increasing costs. Facing the need to improve, some have bravely turned to lean thinking. But this new way of thinking is incompatible with the old top-down, hero-based system of management that presides in today’s healthcare culture. Kim Barnas has a story to tell about how her team created a management system; one that is stable and lean, from front-line supervisors to the president who creates a new culture of continuous improvement. Through this journey, Barnas now has a necessary road map for a better healthcare system that can be customized for other organizations willing to face the rocky terrain ahead.

Join Barnas, author of the book Beyond Heroes: A Lean Management System for Healthcare, for this hour-long webinar on the highlights of how Barnas and her team created a lean management system through a series of experiments at ThedaCare in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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Wearable Workflow Needs Health Systems Engineering

Presented by HSPIC 2015 and the Society for Health Systems
Sept. 16

Presenter: Dr. Chuck Webster, editor and founder, EHR Workflow Inc.

From the original calculator watch to today's Google Glass and smart clothing accessories, wearable technology seeks to weave (sometimes literally!) information technology into everyday life and work, making it pervasive, intimate and, metaphorically, friction-free. Especially promising are applications in healthcare, including patient monitors for the well and unwell and wearable user interfaces to health information systems. However, wearable tech will not succeed unless we get its workflows right.

Getting the workflow right requires both means of driving workflow at the point-of-care and health as well as systems for analyzing, creating and optimizing this workflow. In other words, successful wearable technology in healthcare requires health systems engineering. This presentation provides an overview of wearables and how health systems engineering can help make them a success in healthcare.

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