SHS Diplomates

The Society for Health Systems awards diplomate status to an elite group of members. There have been 56 members honored to date. Diplomate status provides the professional credentialing these members deserve. They are SHS members with college degrees, work experience, published articles and/or presentations, ongoing education and a history of volunteering. If this also describes you, you may apply for diplomate status.

Dean Athanassiades
Leroy Baker
David Ben-Arieh
Ashley Benedict
James Benneyan
Jim Brachulis
Evelyn Brown
Charles Cook
Robert Copple
Tangela Craft
Nancy Daraiseh
Charles Debusk
Michele Dekelbaum
Adrienne Dickerson
Toni Doolen
Lawrence Dux
Steven Escamilla
Deborah Flint
Dan France
Ralph Franco

Andrew Ganti
Robert G. Gift
Frank Giorgilli
John Hansmann
Jeffrey Hermann
Katherine Hermansen
Pauline Hogan
Marci Jackson
Swatantra Kachhal
Jean Ann Larson
June Logan Lowe
Ronald McDade
Amanda Mewborn
Kenneth J. Musselman
Brian Nathanson
Alejandro Ortiz
Frank Overfelt
Bonnie Paris
Michael Parish
Michael Patrick

Roque Perez-Velez
Charles Platt
Robert Rankin
Barry Ross
Steven Russell
Rudy Santacroce
Todd Schneider
Bart Sellers
Joyce Siegele
Mary Ellen Skeens
Lesley Strawderman
John Templin
Jerry Trimm
Dennis J. Van Liew, Jr.
Michael Washington
Lucy Young

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