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IISE is the global association of productivity and efficiency professionals specializing in industrial engineering, healthcare, ergonomics and other related professions. IISE is where these varied fields come together to advance the engineering profession through networking, training, and knowledge sharing.

Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

"Prior to being actively involved at the National level of IISE, I had no external network, having worked at one company my whole career. Now I have an extensive network across a variety of fields that I can leverage for professional networking/benchmarking and/or if I ever find myself seeking employment at another company.” – IISE member

Professional Membership: $154*

Gain access to a wealth of resources and an extensive network that will contribute to your professional success throughout your career. As an IISE professional member, you receive deep discounts to IISE conferences, events and training, as well as member-only access to industry-leading and award-winning publications and presentations.
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Student Membership: $37*

Be prepared for your post university or college career. Take advantage of resources that will help you advance your career or find a job with IISE student membership, available for enrolled full-time students as defined by your university or college.
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Corporate Partnership

Gain a competitive advantage when you and others from your company partner with IISE for discounted membership.

For Existing Members: 

First Year Graduate Membership: $77

For members who are transitioning from an IISE student member to full professional member.

Senior Membership: $154

Senior member status is awarded to members at the pinnacle of your career in recognition of your education and years in the profession. Learn if you are eligible for senior status.

Retiree Membership: $77

Learn if you are eligible for IISE retiree membership.

Lifetime Membership: $77

Learn if you are eligible for IISE lifetime membership.

*All member dues are in U.S. dollars. Dues are for one year and subject to change without notice. First-year professional members are charged an additional $15 for processing.