Ask the Expert: General

Accounting relevance

Q: Is the study of depreciation accounting still relevant to economy studies? Does one have to study accounting or have a professional certificate in accounting to have a better understanding of depreciation accounting?


Retail distribution

Q: I am an industrial engineer for a retail distribution center. I have been asked to calculate the savings of using palletized loads versus floor loads when making deliveries to our stores. Do palletized loads save money over floor loads?


Allocating failure

Q: What is the most common percent used when allocating a portion of total cost to quality failures?


Quality variation

Q: Is there any difference between quality improvement and continuous quality improvements?


The write way

Q: Is there a defined standard document format in the ISO standards? Let’s say we want to create a health and safety manual for the company, for example. Is there a format we should follow for that or other documents?


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