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Message from president

MD SarderWelcome to the newly founded Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division of IIE. The LSC Division was founded in late 2011 due to the overwhelming interest and necessity of logistics and supply chain stakeholders. This division is designed to provide a forum of knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development for IIE members in the area of logistics and supply chain. The LSC Division is engaged in various activities including newsletter, webinars, conferences, and award competition. We plan to build online repository, social networking media and offer additional value adding programs for our members.

This is your division and we seek your input and participation to shape the future of this division. Please join the LSC Division and participate in our monthly board meeting, town hall meeting, and other divisional activities to provide the best value to the membership. Your LSC Division needs your immediate help!

Best regards,

MD Sarder, Ph.D.
Founding president, LSC Division

About the division

The mission of the Logistics & Supply Chain (LSC) Division is to provide its membership with the body of knowledge, networking opportunity, recognition, and educational programs to stay competitive in the global market. The LSC Division has set the following overreaching goals:

  • Collaborate with IIE to advance the institute’s mission in the IE discipline.
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate a body of technical knowledge in the area of logistics & supply chain.
  • Create a forum for technical networking and idea generation for division members.
  • Recognize members and industries for their outstanding contribution to the division and the IIE.
  • Educate division members by sharing cutting edge research, state of the art practice, and current tools & techniques of logistics & supply chain.

New members of Board of Directors elected to serve 2013-2015

Congratulations to the following recently elected members of the Board of Directors: Maria Carolina Diaz, Dincer Konur, and Mingzhou Jin. Full division board

Division bylaws

Division bylaws have been approved. To view the Division bylaws, click here.

Come grow with us

Any member of the Institute may become a LSC Division Member. To join the LSC Division, click here and choose "Update your Member Record."

To see all board members, click here.

LSC Division committees: 

  • Secretary
  • Director  Newsletter
  • Director Technical Content
  • Director Outreach and Networking
  • Director Events and Conferences
  • Director Awards

To get involved, contact the LSC division president at md.sarder@usm.edu or Randy Lane at robert.Lane@hii-ingalls.com.

LSC Teaching Award 2014

Annual Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Logistics and Supply Chain
The Logistics and Supply Chain Division of IIE is pleased to announce the winner of its annual award recognizing excellence in teaching Logistics and Supply Chain courses.

The 2014 recipient of the Annual Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Logistics and Supply Chain is Mingzhou Jin, associate professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The award will be presented at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo in Montreal, Canada, May 31 - June 3.

A call of nominations for our 2015 LSC Teaching Award will be published on this page later this year. If you are interested in submitting a nomination for the 2015 Award, please e-mail the entire package either as a single PDF file or a single compressed/zipped file to Dr. Dincer Konur at konurd@mst.edu.

Student Case Study Competition

The Logistics and Supply Chain Division of IIE is pleased to announce the winning teams in our first Annual Student Case Study Competition. The winning teams (first, second and third places) of the competition will be recognized at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo in Montreal, Canada.

Student Case Competition Winning Teams are:

1st Place:
Ying Zhang, Leandra Church, Jinglu Song
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
The University of Tennessee at Knoxville

2nd Place:
Kevin Conrad, Jillian Withers, Megan Wiggins, Robert Miller
Department of Industrial Engineering
Dalhousie University

3rd Place:
Andres Collart, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Robert Dumont, Brett Ziegler
Department of Industrial Engineering
Dalhousie University

Any team of undergraduate and/or graduate students with three to four members can enter the competition to showcase their problem-solving capability and analytical skills on a related logistics and supply chain case. A call for 2015 submission will be announce on this page later this year. For more information, please contact konurd@mst.edu.

Archived and upcoming webinars

Upcoming Webinars can be found here. To view an archived Logistics and Supply Chain webinar click here. Have a question about LSC webinars or an idea for a future LSC webinar? Please contact Sreekanth Ramakrishnan.


Please submit articles or your company highlights to Sreekanth Ramakrishnan.


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