Chapter No. 898 University of Texas-El Paso

Provided by Armadno Urrita
Edited by Emilie Gerhart

The President of the University Of Texas-El Paso Student Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers has many goals for the chapter, but one of them is all encompassing: to bring home the Gold Award for the organization. Although the chapter is not a huge organization on campus, achieving the Gold Award will bring notoriety to the organization and will also help the chapter to grow and gain new members. The president also hopes to involve the chapter in community service to promote personal satisfaction and development.

The University of Texas-El Paso is also planning to invite speakers from surrounding industries to come speak to members each month. The president hopes to accomplish this by chapter meetings and webinars. Because El Paso is close to Mexican cities that support many import and export efforts, the chapter hopes to showcase these organizations called “maquiladoras” to the students in the chapter.

The University of Texas El Paso chapter also participates in an event called Minerpalooza that occurs before the university football schedule begins. This event services students and non-students alike by providing them entertainment with booths that seek to raise funds for student organizations.

Another event that the chapter plans to participate in is called Gold Rush. This event is a university-wide recruitment opportunity to obtain new members for the chapter. The chapter also holds Six Sigma green belt and lean manufacturing certification sessions for IIE members, students, and other industry members. The chapter uses the certifications not only as a promotional tool for the chapter, but also a fundraising opportunity.

Because the chapter is committed to the development of the members, the chapter organizes plant tours for the members. These plant tours are special because they can occur in El Paso, Texas, in addition to other Mexican border cities. The chapter also looks forward to attending regional conferences to network and communicate with other chapters in the region.

This chapter also likes to celebrate their culture. Many students in this chapter have a Mexican background and if not, are familiar with Mexican culture. The chapter holds a party around the end of the fall semester called the IIE Posada. Social events like these encourage students to interact on a personal level and form relationships. The president also wants to reinforce personal relationships within the chapter by organizing an end of semester trip to close out 2012.

In continuing to be an active and prosperous chapter, The University of Texas-El Paso Student Chapter will remain a valuable organization to the surrounding areas and the South Central Region alike.

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