President's Message

While the ongoing elections for a new SEMS president-elect and two new Board Members announce the end of an exciting service year, the current SEMS leadership is more than happy to introduce you to our latest service improvement: the society’s redesigned website. Designed to provide our members fast access to the content they are looking for, the website is aimed at becoming your home base and virtual center of excellence for Engineering and Management Systems.

With improvements throughout, the new website provides a great overview of the full range of products and services that we are offering.

Whether you are looking for Tools and Resources, carefully selected by an impressive group of topic leaders, recognized for their expertise and long history of service to the society, or simply want to stay tuned on upcoming Training opportunities, Webinars or SEMS-sponsored Conference activities, a few simple clicks on the SEMS website will route you to the required information. While the About SEMS section of the website offers a comprehensive list of all the present SEMS leaders and the current team of volunteers, the website also proudly presents SEMS Award winners. As a SEMS member, you will get direct access both to the papers of the SEMS Featured Speakers of the Engineering Management Track at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference and the presentations of the distinguished speakers of the Engineering Management Track of the Applied Solutions Conference. All updates, announcements, and information about student’s activities can be easily found in the Student section of the website. As we set new targets to further increase the dialogue with our members, the website additionally provides you direct access to the SEMS LinkedIn Group and the SEMS Blog website.

Are you getting curious? Then check out the new website at "" and let us know what you think. While we will continue to add valuable information to the website, we hope you enjoy the website structure and support the new direction that we are taking.

In the meantime, the SEMS Board is eager to debrief about improvements made in the past year at the upcoming SEMS Town Hall Meeting in Orlando. Join us from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 21, 2012, at IIE’s Annual Conference (Room: Alachua). Meet the leaders of the society and find out what they have planned for the coming year. Share your thoughts and tell us what we can do to serve you even better in the future, so that we can continue to grow our society.

Or even better: volunteer and become yourself an invaluable asset of your preferred knowledge society for Engineering and Management Systems!

Geert Letens
SEMS President

Jennifer Farris
SEMS President-Elect

Eileen Van Aken
SEMS Past-President

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