The Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering

Honors a single innovative technical contribution to the industrial engineering profession that may be recognized in any of several forms, including theory, design, application, implementation, and leadership, to name a few.


IIE members and non-members. Members of the IIE Board of Trustees and Honors Steering Committee are ineligible.


Normally, one award is conferred annually to a single candidate or to two or more candidates involved in a single innovative technical contribution. Candidates must have distinguished themselves in one of the following ways:

  • Significantly expanded the body of knowledge associated with a functional area of industrial engineering through theoretical development or innovative application constituting a major new concept, tool, or technique.
  • Established or adapted, through work and reputation, a body of knowledge new to industrial engineering such that it is accepted theoretically or successfully implemented in industry, thus expanding the traditional IE universe.
  • Provided exceptional technical leadership in a major interdisciplinary project.

Nomination process:

  1. Complete and return theĀ nomination form.
  2. A full resume of the nominee must accompany the nomination form.
  3. There is a 10-page limit to each nomination, not including references.

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