Journal of Enterprise Transformation announces call for papers

The Journal of Enterprise Transformation, a new quarterly journal from Taylor & Francis, is inviting papers for its fourth issue focusing on enterprise transformation in action.

The term enterprises refers to the complex inter-organizational networks that collectively create value as well as the specific purposes and goals associated with the participating groups and firms. Specific cases provide persuasive evidence about the key elements and requirements of successful transformation. To solidify our understanding of what enterprise transformation is and how it is best accomplished, we must document both successful and unsuccessful examples and build the body of knowledge for future implementation.

The development of change management, and its applications within these enterprises, has made significant strides during the past two decades. Given ever greater turbulence, increasing customer influence, and global connectivity, these traditional approaches are increasingly being supplanted by transformation efforts focused on large scale, concurrent changes in corporate strategy, business structure and management systems. While enterprise transformation often includes both traditional change management and continuous improvement methods, it is in no way limited to them.

This special issue presents examples of transformation in Fortune 1000 enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and both not-for-profit and government entities. We invite submissions that provide rich illustrations of enterprise transformation in action. Suggested areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Transformation cases in both large and small enterprises
  • Applications of specific transformation frameworks and roadmaps
  • Identifying the antecedents of successful enterprise transformation
  • Defining enterprise transformation best practices
  • Challenges of guiding, accelerating, and sustaining transformation efforts
  • Exploring the connections between enterprise transformation and functional management practice

Click here to submit your papers. If you have any questions or preliminary ideas for papers, e-mail them to Jayakanth Srinivasan or Michael Oliff.

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