Toronto Professional Chapter

To date we have had 3 events in affiliation with the U of T and Ryerson student chapters:

  • Resume Seminar with U of T Students – Oct 21st 
  •  Ryerson/U of T Student Pub Night – Oct 30th 
  •  Ryerson IIE Awareness Night – Nov 13th  

Upcoming events for November and December : 

  • November 17th:  Endeavor Volunteer Consulting Network is hosting a networking fundraiser for all those interested in management consulting or the non-profit sector
  • December 15th – Toyota Plant tour for student and professional chapter members

We have discussed the following high level goals as a team and each director is working on their individual goals to meet these objectives:

  • Provide and articulate the value of IIE membership to both members and non-members
  • Increase affiliations with partnering organizations
  • Enhance networking opportunities for all IIE members
  • Publicize job opportunities with both students and professionals
  • Increase relationships with employers of IIE graduates
  • Enhance the communication between chapters across Canada to leverage best practices
  • Boost membership and energy within the chapter
  • Reinvigorate the IIE Toronto Website and increase informational value  

Any chapters wishing to exchange information/best practices, please contact Kathleen Clough.  




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