Kevin McManus

Performance by Kevin McManus

The weak fix box and how to escape
How well do your fixes work? Will they actually prevent future problems? One of my biggest frustrations comes from routinely seeing people invest hundreds of hours analyzing problems only to come up with weak fixes. Since most of us have limited time and money resources, significant gains could come from reducing this amount of weak corrective action muda.

Paul Engle

Management by Paul Engle

Policies, frameworks and risk management
Protecting data appears to be a priority within most organizations in light of the recent problems at the NSA, Target and other organizations. Developing policies represents the first step for any effective risk management and compliance program. Where do we start?  

William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

It’s not all about the numbers
When we focus on healthcare performance measures to define success while ignoring the value it adds to the patient and his or her health, we have failed. We have failed the patient, we have failed their families, and we have failed in engineering the best healthcare delivery system we can. But we are not doomed to fail. 

Paul Templin

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Remembering the greatest generation
Seventy years ago, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy. As industrial engineers, it is worth reflecting not only on the role of technology but also its absence. Without modern computers (not even a smartphone), men and women planned this invasion, equipped armies, transported them and supplied them as they crossed the channel into France and ultimately Germany. This enterprise’s supply chain stretched across the Atlantic.  

Ricardo Valerdi

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi 

Reforming health systems
The rise of healthcare costs in the United States and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act have led to greater demands on the healthcare system. Systems engineering plays an important role in not only increasing efficiency but also improving the quality and affordability of care.



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