Few magazines these days match depth and success of Industrial Engineer

I just wanted to offer compliments on the November issue. I found "Reinventing the (Product) Wheel" to be the best article in the lean manufacturing arena that I’ve seen in some years. My guess is that few readers would have known about the full workings and benefits of wheel-scheduling, (which I’ve long called "the DuPont wheel"). The article explains the wheel’s features well, with two excellent case study examples and supporting graphics.

Another article, "Lean’s Trinity – Part Two," is also very good.

There are too few publications these days that include such arresting kinds of articles. Target, once loaded with articles like product wheel, is trying to find its way again after having turned over its editorship to an outside publisher; so far the results have not measured up. IndustryWeek (before abandoning the print medium) included case studies in nearly every issue and lots of them in their annual "Best Plants" issue, but most of the articles were short and shallow.

In contrast, Assembly magazine's October issue announces its "Assembly Plant of the Year 2013" and devotes 15 pages (including quite a few ads) of thoroughly interesting explanation of why a Northrop Grumman business unit got the award. That was a surprise in that Assembly (and Manufacturing Engineer as well) are mainly trade focused with little room for wider-scope best-practices topics.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Richard J. Schonberger
Independent researcher/author/speaker
Bellevue, Wash.

New website works

I like the new clean look [of the IIE website] – it makes the content stand out more and seems less-cluttered than before. I like the fact that you kept many of the previous tabs and pull-down menus intact so we can find items that we have used a lot in the past.

The home page and main section pages are cleaner looking, particularly the top portion of the pages. It also seems to be easier to go back to a previous view or back to the home page. The home page has a lot of useful content and makes it easy to find complete sections quickly, and nice use of pictures.

Great work by all those involved!

Steve Snelling
IIE Industry Advisory Board

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