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The day we strive forDaren Maynard 

Daren Maynard

Portfolio management lead
Novus Tech Ltd. and F1RST Media Ltd.
Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago

Novus Tech is an energy services company that helps its clients save money through sustainable solutions. We provide energy efficient products and design engineering, procurement and project management services based on their needs. F1RST Media is a digital and online media company that connects businesses and customers to each other through an interactive app and website.

I’m the portfolio management lead for both companies. I ensure that projects selected for investment meet the portfolio strategy and are delivered effectively and within their planned contribution to the portfolio. I take responsibility for the alignment of the organizational resources to the project’s portfolio. I’m the head of the portfolio management office and temporary human resources lead.

The job profile is the poster boy for industrial engineering. I enjoy the organizational development activities, where I create new work systems or perform system improvement. The best part is when we implement a strategy that works as intended. You get to design the new system based on the user or business situation request and plan the implementation. This involves training, and I love to teach.

A perfect day starts when I get to the office early to start my morning routines. I get through emails first, then set priorities on my task management tool. I would tackle work from both the Novus Tech and F1RST Media queue. I like to accomplish activities from both sides since I work as their internal professional services provider. I'd get to complete an activity from each department throughout the day.

Although I have a master’s degree in program and project management, I want to get my PMI project management professional certification in the short-term. Later on, I plan to look at options for earning a Ph.D. I also want to achieve the program management professional and portfolio management professional certifications.

– Interview by David Brandt 

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IIE. 

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