Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where are IIE seminars held?
Most of our seminars are held at IIE Headquarters in Norcross, Ga. (suburban Atlanta) at 3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcross, GA 30092. We occasionally hold open enrollment programs in Los Angeles and Marietta, Ga. 

When do classes start and end?
Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and are scheduled to end at 4:30 p.m. A light continental breakfast and lunch, as well as coffee breaks, are included in the registration fee. 

Why should I use IIE for training?
IIE seminars are taught by practicing professionals who share their experiences with seminar participants. Each instructor brings years of practical business applications of the seminar topics. Courses involve numerous simulations, exercises, and projects. Because our instructors have worked in a variety of different businesses and bring that expertise to every seminar and training program, all programs can be tailored to your specific business application. Recognizing that the training is designed for adults and covers many days, many different formats are used. In basic classes, considerable time is spent learning how to develop and use the basic tools allowing time for the student to practice performing calculations and interpreting and discussing the application of the tools. All of the examples are based on real processes, so the key is understanding how the tools and methods apply in specific situations. In advanced courses, all students are given an opportunity to demonstrate some level of competence. The class presentation includes lecture, small case studies, major case studies, and simulations. Learners are provided considerable time to learn and practice the necessary methods, both manually and on the computer where applicable. In addition to a set of course notebooks, each participant is typically provided with several supplementary readings.

What is the difference between a certificate program and a certification?
A certificate program indicates that the individual has completed a specified sequence of course work and has demonstrated competence in a specified subject matter. Professional certification, trade certification, or professional designation, often called simply certification or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. It is important to note that certifications are usually earned from a professional society or educational institute, not the government. If a demonstration of ability or knowledge is required by law before being allowed to perform a task or job, this is referred to as licensure. In the United States, professional licenses are usually issued by state agencies. The assessment process is often similar, even the same; certification and licensure differ only in terms of legal status. 

Why does my certificate have an expiration date and how do I renew it?
There is not any cost to renew a certificate.  You simply need to contact IIE headquarters and confirm your current contact information and we will send you another one.  We do this in order to keep your information current in our database.  We often get reference checks and always contact the individual before responding to make sure the request is legitimate. 

Six Sigma

Is the exam included in the course fee?
The registration fee includes the exam fee. The Green Belt exam is administered the last afternoon of training. The Black Belt exam is administered the last day of the training program. 

What if I fail the exam?
Participants are permitted one free retest. This can be taken either at IIE or with an official proctor at the participant’s location. 

What is the pass rate for the exam?
Over 90% of the candidates pass the exams on the first try. 

Why is the IIE Green Belt only three days and other programs are longer?
We concentrate the course material so that the participant is exposed to the key points in an expeditious and efficient manner. We have taken all of the fluff out of the classes to make sure all class time is used effectively. 

Who is the governing body regarding Six Sigma?
There is no universally recognized body setting standards for Six Sigma. IIE follows the generally accepted body of knowledge and covers all the topics within the Green Belt and the Black Belt seminars.

Do I need a project to complete the Green Belt requirements?
IIE uses an examination in lieu of the Green Belt project.

Do I need a project to complete the Black Belt requirements?
Individuals must complete a project that demonstrates the correct application of the appropriate Six Sigma tools. The project must be approved by the host organization as well as IIE’s master black belts. Unfortunately, IIE cannot provide projects. Each participant must identify his or her own project.

Online On-Demand Courses

Are online on-demand courses the same as live classroom courses?
Yes. They are based on recordings of the live courses.

Are exams for the green belt and black belt courses taken online?
Yes. They must be completed by the expiration date of the course.

If I’m an international student without a social security number, do I need to provide a social security number to take the online course and the exam?
This is not required.

Are there any prerequisites for the green belt and black belt certification courses?
For the green belt courses, a basic understanding of algebra is expected. For the black belt classes, the participant should have a green belt or equivalent.