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July 2011    |    Volume: 43    |    Number: 7

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Kevin McManus 

Performance by Kevin McManus

Stuck in systems infancy
System maturity is tough to attain. Maturity implies that something grows up over time. Absent of technology, many work systems have not changed much in the past 30 years.

Paul Engle 

Management by Paul Engle

The other side of lean
Readers may be surprised by how long it will take for world-class companies hit by disaster, such as Toyota by the earthquake near Japan in March, to right themselves, revealing the weakness of lean in responding quickly to rapid changes in supply and demand.

D. Junell Scheeres 

Health Systems by D. Junell Scheeres

Measuring performance
All organizations have functions that can rely on accurate work measurement to ensure efficiency. And in healthcare, accurate measurement studies could be applied to scheduling, staffing, line balancing, simulation, cost calculations and productivity.

Rajiv Saxena 

Supply Chain by Rajiv Saxena

Worthy improvements, part 2
Keeping a tight hold on your purse strings is not always best because many logistics expenditures yield tremendous savings. This continues looking at money-saving investment strategies that began in my April column.

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