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December 2013    |    Volume: 45    |    Number: 12

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial and Engineers

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Designing better warehouses

The long search for the perfect way to map out new warehouses has yielded many lessons
By Russell D. Meller and Lisa M. Thomas 

Fully minted industrial engineers

LeanSigma certification gives Ohio State graduates a running start
By D. Scott Sink 

The rise of the technical professional

Technical professionals never have been in more demand, so take advantage now
By Karla Tankersley 

Knowledge and power

From supply chain security to organizational strategy, reading is fundamental for improvement
Compiled by Michael Hughes 


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Industrialists remain cautious but expect to hire more in 2014
  • Microbusinesses started in garages could be wave of the future
  • Sesame Street Muppets spark STEM education on the Internet
  • Retail apparel sector to buy more than 2 billion RFID tags
  • Australian research shows structures could 'talk' about their problems
  • Professor develops new metric for determining level of innovation
  • Book of the month: Reverse Supply Chains: Issues and Analysis by Surendra M. Gupta 


Performance by Kevin McManus

Intolerable failures

Management by Paul Engle

When things go badly

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Fighting off monkey business

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Lessons about water


This month in IIE news

The December issue includes information about the nominees for open positions on the IIE Board of Trustees and technical operations board as well as voting process details. Nominees were asked the following question: If you are elected, how will you make things better for industrial engineers through your position? 

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December 2016

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"Sometimes we take for granted that everyone understands how to be nice or how to interact positively with others. That's not necessarily always the case. Sometimes people may not realize that making that sarcastic remark could be interpreted in a more damaging way by others. Just knowing that can be helpful."  

– Russell Johnson, associate professor of management at Michigan State University, discussing workplace incivility in "Incivility can cost you cash," in The Front Line section of the December issue


The best job ever 

The best job ever

Mark Wallace with UPS discusses why his job is the coolest job for an industrial engineer in this December 2014 Web exclusive.

Resurrection in Atlanta 

Resurrection in Atlanta

Members of the IISE Atlanta Chapter appear in this October 2014 video to discuss the value of a revitalizing the chapter.

Training humanitarian IEs 

Training humanitarian IEs

IE interviews the three co-directors of Georgia Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics.