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August 2013    |    Volume: 45    |    Number: 8

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Regenerative medicine manufacturing

As IEs, we may never replace biologists and doctors in developing biomedical technologies, but we can use those tools to transform healthcare
By Rohan A. Shirwaiker, Zhuo (George) Tan, and Paul H. Cohen 

Target: Carrying costs

Reducing inventory yields savings opportunities, not guarantees
By Reginald Tomas Lee 

OEE can be your key

Change formula for equipment availability to improve performance
By Mohammed Hamed Ahmed 

Culturally aligned

Individual awareness of what trait must change is necessary for organizational breakthroughs
By Greg Lane


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • University of Michigan team races for first win in World Solar Challenge
  • Pilot program tests telemedicine at California emergency department
  • Study: Aligning values with employer a good tactic for promotion
  • Researchers say occupancy-based sensors could slash 18 percent off typical energy bill
  • Report: 3-D printing could boost supply operations for NASA, Navy
  • Roman concrete could revolutionize modern construction
  • Book of the month: Unleashing Engineering Creativity by Joseph Berk 


Performance by Kevin McManus

Burned in the brain

Management by Paul Engle

Getting partners to accept their roles

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

A conference to stop worst practices

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Know when to ditch the process

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

The cloud systems

Member Forum by Joe Michels

Professional licensure – it’s important


This month in IIE news

The August issue includes a review of the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2013. The conference, which includes the Applied Solutions Conference and the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC), boasted more than 1,600 attendees.

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October 2014

Industrial Engineer - October 2014 


"Alibaba soon will either be your biggest competitor or your biggest ally. It’s up to you to decide." 

– James Tompkins, from his Supply Chain column in the October issue


Training humanitarian IEs 

Training humanitarian IEs
 interviews the three co-directors of Georgia Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics.