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December 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 12

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Keeping pace with IIE in the September 2012 issue of Industrial Engineer

Lean, Six Sigma for your healthcare

Best practices conference to help hospitals get out from under the gun
The Best Practices in Applying Lean and Six Sigma to Healthcare one-day conference is coming at a perfect time.Stephen Mayfield’s presentation will kick off the Best Practices in Applying Lean and Six Sigma to Healthcare event on Oct. 29 in metro Atlanta. 

On Oct. 1, the value-based purchasing requirement of last year’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act kicks in. IIE’s agile conference takes place Oct. 29 in the Georgia International Convention Center in metro Atlanta.

Value-based purchasing returns 1 percent of all Medicare revenues to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which then ranks all hospitals at the end of the year. After the government takes its cut, medical centers in the bottom 25th percentile lose all the money; those in the 26th to 74th percentile get theirs back entirely; the 75th to 89th percentile get back the money plus a little extra; while the top decile gets the money back and a bonus.

Other aspects of healthcare reform also will increase administrative costs and base reimbursements on government ratings. Stephen Mayfield, who will kick off the lean and Six Sigma healthcare conference with his presentation, notes that industrial engineering gives practitioners the tools they need to trim such non-value-added expenses and focus more on delivering care to the patients.

“Hospitals are under the gun,” said Mayfield, vice president of performance excellence at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. “They are facing declining reimbursements, increased transparency, more public scrutiny, competition in and among providers and less money. And they’ve got to figure out, ‘Well, how can I live in an environment like that.’”

Mayfield will use a couple of videos and some applied examples to tie in what he calls the “four E’s” to lean and Six Sigma.

First, hospitals must become more efficient, which is where lean comes in to drive out waste. They have to provide effective, desirable outcomes for their patients, a Six Sigma specialty. They have to engage their employees so the front-line staff understands what’s happening during applications of both lean and Six Sigma. And the fourth “E,” customer experience, means the patients must be satisfied.

The system has worked at Hoag, which recently was named in U.S. News and World Report’s top 3 percent of hospitals nationwide. The Hoag system has worked with IIE to be a qualified lean and Six Sigma training provider. Trainers just graduated their 100th green belt. They all are doing front-line projects, and they have leaned the emergency department completely, Mayfield said.

“We were just doing their rounding last Thursday night, and the nurse director was saying, ‘This is so fantastic. We have more time to spend with patients; we’ve reduced our supply costs; we’re not looking for things,’” Mayfield said. “And in an emergency department, if you have what you need where you need it, that could be the difference in somebody living or not living.”

The young and the efficient

New Faces of Engineering deadline is Nov. 2
IIE would like to honor a young industrial engineer for National Engineers Week next year, but it needs your help. So the institute is accepting applications for the 2013 New Faces of Engineering-Professional.

IIE and other engineering societies work with the National Engineers Week Foundation each year to honor young engineers who are contributing significantly to society. The program also aims to promote the image of engineering globally.

The IIE nomination criteria follow:

  • Nominees must be 30 years old or younger as of Dec. 31.
  • Nominees must be members of IIE.
  • Nominees must have a degree in industrial engineering from an ABET-accredited U.S. college or university or from an equivalent international educational institution.

The selected nominee will be featured in an advertisement in USA Today or another national publication during National Engineers Week, which is Feb. 17-23, 2013.

The nomination form is available at The deadline to submit nominations is Nov. 2. Email nomination forms and accompanying materials to Monica Elliott at or mail them to her attention at 3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcross, GA 30092.

For questions about the program, criteria or nomination process, contact Elliott or Anne Squire, Engineers Week New Faces program manager, at

Learn in your pajamas

SEMS' first global virtual conference is coming up
Want to learn continuous improvement techniques without even stepping out for the morning paper?

The Society for Engineering and Management Systems (SEMS) gives you that chance on Nov. 14. The society’s first virtual global conference, Best Practices in Managing Continuous Improvement, will drop new knowledge on busy engineers and managers who can’t find the time to fly off to far-flung conferences and off-site courses.

IEs know that continuous improvement is a key to surviving rapid technological advances and harsh international competition. So this online gathering will highlight success criteria and pitfalls faced by managers and improvement facilitators when they design, implement and sustain continuous improvement initiatives around the globe.

The conference will provide a brief overview of the role of A3 thinking in developing process capabilities, best practices in aligning improvement with strategy, and best practices in using kaizen events.

Speakers include some of the leading international experts from academia and industry, including Jeffrey Liker of the University of Michigan, Art Muniz of UPS and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan of IBM. Go to for more details.

Grab your prize

Numerous options for honors, awards, fellowships
Everybody knows somebody who goes above and beyond. These stars are more effective at bringing efficiency and continuous improvement to the world, or they represent the IE profession well to “outsiders” while expanding awareness of industrial engineering.

So take the time to expand the world’s knowledge of these individuals by nominating them for an IIE scholarship, fellowship or award.

Scholarships and fellowships

Nominations open Sept. 1 for IIE scholarships and fellowships, and the deadline is Nov. 15. The only exception is the SHS scholarship deadline, which is Dec. 1.

All nominations must come from the student’s faculty advisor or department head. Students cannot self-nominate for any scholarship or fellowship, including the IIE Council of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship. Other than the John L. Imhoff Scholarship, nominated students must be IIE members.

For more information and nomination forms, visit

Honors and awards

General guidelines. The deadline to nominate someone for an IIE honor or award is Dec. 1. The list and the nomination materials for more than 25 of these prestigious prizes are available at

Send nominations and any supporting documents to, or mail the nomination package with seven copies to IIE Honors & Awards, c/o Office of the President, 3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcross, GA 30092. Mailed nominations must be postmarked no later than Dec. 1.

Chapter, society and division awards. The criteria and deadlines for IIE’s many chapter, society and division awards vary. They include honors for best practices and best papers and even a YouTube video contest for promoting the industrial engineering profession to high school students, teachers and college counselors. Go to to obtain nomination details.

For questions or concerns about the nominating process for any scholarship, fellowship or award, contact Bonnie Cameron at or (770) 449-0461, ext. 105.

Industrial Engineer - March 2011  Industrial Engineer - July 2011  Industrial Engineer - August 2011 

Generally excellent

Industrial Engineer earns impressive honors from magazine association
Industrial Engineer magazine took home top honors at this year’s Magazine Association of the Southeast annual conference on May 17 in Atlanta.

The magazine was named the first-place gold award winner for General Excellence, and Managing Editor Michael Hughes won a second place, silver award in the Best Profile category.

The staff entered three issues – March 2011, July 2011 and August 2011 – in the General Excellence category. The category honors best overall packaging, showcasing excellence in content selection, writing, reporting, design and illustration.

“Design is clean and appealing, good use of graphics and sidebars, lots of points of entry, features stand out from other sections, compelling covers,” according to the judges, who also noted that the stories had good lead paragraphs and flow, the body text was readable, and the highly readable content put an emphasis on useful information for the magazine’s audience.

Hughes noted that the gold award for General Excellence was an improvement from the previous year’s silver award in the same category.

“When we didn’t take home the gold medal last year, our staff was dedicated to improving the magazine’s usefulness for our readers. We concentrated on soliciting the best stories from contributors, combined with scouring the world for the information the working industrial engineer wants. We figured that this, in turn, would lead to higher rewards for us. The hard work paid off, and the effort from the magazine’s staff and everyone here at IIE is much appreciated.”

Hughes’ silver award was for “Sikhing Destiny” in the July 2011 issue. The story portrayed an industrial engineer who persuaded the U.S. Army to give him a religious exemption so he could fulfill his religious mandates while serving his adopted country. Spc. Simranpreet “Singh” Lamba became the first enlisted member of the Sikh religion in the Army since the 1980s.

“I am so proud of our editorial staff, but so much of what we do depends on the support of the entire IIE staff, so they deserve credit as well,” said Monica Elliott, executive editor of the magazine. “It’s an honor to be recognized for the work that we do, and we will continue to strive for excellence in order to bring our readers the content they want and need for their professional development.”

There's still time to get lean!

The doors are still open for the IIE Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference 2012, which happens Oct. 1-3 at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Ky. Attendees can take advantage of the following highlights and more:

  • More than 30 industry and research sessions covering industrial engineering and lean Six Sigma, case studies, industry practices, sustaining lean Six Sigma efforts, and teaching lean Six Sigma
  • Pre-conference workshops on building lean teams and next-level value stream mapping
  • Expert keynote speakers from GE, Virtua, University of Louisville and Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Facility tours at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, UPS Worldport and Toyota

For more information and to register, visit

Bring forth the new

Societies and divisions appoint, elect officers and board members 
A number of IIE’s societies and divisions have elected or appointed new officers for 2012-2013.

Seokcheon Lee 
Matt Horvat 
Mingzhou Jin 
Aman Sapra 
John Fowler 
Martin Stein 
Joseph Pignatiello 
Todd Schneider 
Michele Dekelbaum 

Computer and Information Systems Division

The division elected Seokcheon Lee, an assistant professor at Purdue University, as president-elect.

The division also has three new directors on its board for 2012-2014: Alaster Nyaude, a senior process engineer with Heraeus Tenevo LLC; Amarnath “Andy” Banerjee, an associate professor at Texas A&M University; and Bradley University assistant professor John Jung-Woon Yoo.

Construction Division

Division President Lincoln Forbes has appointed Matt Horvat as president-elect. Horvat is process improvement coordinator for PeaceHealth Medical Group.

Three division members have been appointed as new directors: Isabelina Nahmens and Laura Ikuma, both assistant professors at Louisiana State University; and George P. Gardner, state partnering coordinator of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Engineering Economy Division

Mingzhou Jin was elected communications director. The associate professor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville will serve in a four-year succession cycle, progressing from communications director to program chair to president and to immediate past president.

The division’s new board member for 2012-2014 is M. Affan Badar, chair and professor at Indiana State University. Leland Blank will serve as Wellington Award Committee Chair this year, and Richard Bernhard will serve on the Wellington Award Committee for 2012-2015.

Lean Division

The division voted Aman Sapra, a senior project manager of inventory and supply chain strategy at St. Onge Co., in as president-elect.

New directors, who will serve on the board from 2012 to 2014, are Valentine Boving, senior quality engineer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Worcester Polytechnic Institute associate professor Sharon Johnson and Joseph Ogabi of Triumph AeroStructures, Vought Aircraft Division.

Operations Research Division

John Fowler became president-elect. The professor at Arizona State University also is editor-in-chief of IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering.

Two new directors will serve on the board from 2012 to 2014. They are Sandra Eksioglu, assistant professor at Mississippi State University, and Scott Grasman, professor and department head of industrial and systems engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Process Industries Division

Rick Hulse, director of business development at Xonitek, was appointed president-elect. The division’s new secretary-treasurer is Martin Stein, president of Martin Stein Associates.

Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division

Voters chose Joseph J. Pignatiello Jr., professor of operations research and head of the Department of Operational Sciences at the Air Force Institute of Technology, as president-elect.

Three new directors joined the board for the years 2012-2014. They are Thomas Pinson, president of Confinia Emergency Services; Zhenya Kong, assistant professor at Oklahoma State University; and Luis Torres-Acosta, president of PENTA Consulting.

Society for Health Systems

SHS elected Todd Schneider for president-elect; he is project manager for process excellence at Ohio Health.

Ralph Franco will be a director from 2012 to 2014. He works in the Office of the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, Fort Sam Houston.

New directors Rudy Santacroce and Joyce Siegele will serve on the board from 2012 to 2015. Santacroce is director of management engineering consulting services for Shands HealthCare. Siegele is productivity improvement manager for Northside Hospital.

Society for Engineering Management Systems

SEMS members selected Michele Dekelbaum as president-elect. Dekelbaum is the corporate director of business performance excellence and project management at Baylor Health Care System.

Alexandra Medina-Borja and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan joined the SEMS board as new directors for 2012-2015. Medina-Borja is an assistant professor at the University of Puerto Rico. Ramakrishnan is advisory engineer/scientist and a learning specialist at IBM Corp.’s Learning/Talent organization.


Celebrating member achievements

Jack B. ReVelle 

Consulting statistician Jack B. ReVelle of ReVelle Solutions has been awarded the 2011 Dorian Shainin Medal from the American Society for Quality.

Toni L. Doolen 

Toni L. Doolen has been appointed dean of the University Honors College at Oregon State University. She is professor and associate head for undergraduate programs of the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and associate dean of the University Honors College.

Verna M. Fitzsimmons 

Verna M. Fitzsimmons has taken over as dean and CEO of Kansas State University Salina. Fitzsimmons previously had been interim dean of Kent State University.

Kim LaScola Needy 

IIE President-elect Kim LaScola Needy, head of the University of Arkansas’ industrial engineering department, received the Distinguished Service Award for the Industrial Engineering Division from the American Society for Engineering Education.

Craig Downing 

Craig Downing has been named head of the Engineering Management Department at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Richard Bernhard 

Richard Bernhard, professor emeritus in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at North Carolina State University, received the National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award from the American Society for Engineering Education.

Let your peers know about hirings, promotions, awards, appointments and other notable accomplishments. Send Kudos items to Michael Hughes at