Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work

December 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 12

The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial and Engineers

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Kevin McManus 

Performance by Kevin McManus

Using our extra day
It's a leap year, which means that all salaried employees will give a free day of work to their employers. We can choose to make better use of this extra time that is built into our calendars every four years. How will you spend it?

Paul Engle 

Management by Paul Engle

Leaders push change to manage growth
Companies managing high rates of growth must never assume that success will continue without thoughtful, continuous changes and improvements to their products and services, organization, technologies and, most importantly, business strategy.

D. Junell Scheeres 

Health Systems by D. Junell Scheeres

The right teammate
The team dynamic operates on different levels. Whether a NASCAR team, a soccer team or a business team, there are moments for individuals to shine and moments for interdependence. The appropriate team strategy and enhancing individual skills can drive success.

Paul Templin 

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Social media: New age marvel or distraction?
Social media advocates and alarmists both recognize that it is here to stay, so what are the best ways to take advantage of its opportunities while curtailing its many risks? Whatever you do, don't ignore it.

Ricardo Valerdi 

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi 

What is systems engineering?
Industrial and systems engineering intersect in many ways. The goal of this introductory column is to provide insight into the state of the art and practice of systems engineering and related concepts as they pertain to the industrial engineering community.