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December 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 12

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Work Perfect

The day we strive forClive Gary Ferrer 

Clive Gary Ferrer

Director of compliance
Chris’s Cookies
Teterboro, N.J.

Chris’s Cookies was established in 2000 as a cookie, brownie and pastry company dedicated to baking premium products using high quality ingredients. Our customers are the best of the best in New York and on the East Coast. We focus on delighting our upscale clientele with high quality products and extraordinary service.

My job is to ensure that our company complies with all government regulations and customer requirements regarding food safety, employee safety and the overall quality of our products. All three are intertwined and require a lot of communication, both internal and external. Our customers’ feedback lets us know what we’re doing right and what needs to be improved.

One important aspect of my job is training our staff on a variety of topics, from good manufacturing practices to how to reduce or eliminate a hazard in the facility. Asset management is another important aspect of my job. Having our vehicles, machines and equipment inspected and serviced on a regular basis not only reduces downtime, but contributes to the quality of our products and to the safety of our employees.

What’s most satisfying about my job is being able to help our employees when they come to me with their concerns and suggestions. Although it may not always be related to safety or quality, employees are always encouraged to talk to any company manager. Most of the time, the answer to their problem is a quick fix, which leads to a more productive employee who is focused solely on quality and safety. The best part of my job is the group of people I work with on a daily basis; they are all a source of motivation, and I’ve learned many valuable lessons from working with them.

A perfect day of work is any day that I spend talking to people on the production floor. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about someone’s job just by saying hello and talking to them for a couple of minutes. It’s during these “unplanned” meetings that I receive the most valuable feedback from our employees, which I can use in conjunction with other managers’ input to make improvements to certain processes.

– Interview by David Brandt

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IIE.