IIE Best Practices in Preparing Healthcare Organizations for the Future
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Are you prepared to face the key issues in the healthcare industry? Hear from experts at leading companies and understand how their organizations view and are preparing for the future of healthcare.

Purchase the archive of this virtual conference to hear firsthand how experts from LifePoint Hospitals, Basadur Applied Creativity, Loyola University Health System, Jean Ann Larson & Associates, and Premier Inc. view the changing healthcare landscape — and what your organization can do to adapt.

Navigate the field’s most pressing issues, including the Affordable Care Act, change management, value-based purchasing and process improvement. The archive includes the question-and-answer sessions with attendees and contact information from the speakers so you can follow up with any questions of your own.

For just $99 ($139 for non-members) you can access this archive for a whole year — a valuable reference tool for you or a colleague.

Why should I purchase this recording?

"Given the recent developments in healthcare payment reform, increased health information collection, and better dissemination of healthcare practice through social media and other online resources, there is a need for every healthcare organization to keep current with new practices that are being developed to prepare for the impact from these rapid advances. The virtual conference provides essential insight into the tools and methods that every organization will need to succeed in this dynamic environment." – Thomas P. Roh, Senior Health Services Analyst, Mayo Clinic

"With the ever-changing environment in healthcare currently, the Best Practices in Preparing Healthcare Organizations for the Future virtual conference highlights several of the key topics that healthcare professionals are facing. I am looking forward to several of the sessions as I think that they are timely in helping us address the healthcare issues of today. The slate of presenters is of the utmost quality as I have heard several of them, and they are truly outstanding."  Joyce T. Siegele, FACHE, DSHS, Director, Productivity Management at Northside Hospital

"There are two presentations that really caught my eye ... Mastering your EQ - Emotional Intelligence - A Key to Change Leadership Success and Achieving the Transition from Volume to Value-Based Patient Care. I think both topics are highly relevant to the rapidly changing world of healthcare, and it is always interesting to hear others' perspectives and how different organizations are dealing with the same issues. I think this virtual conference is a great way to get exposure to different topics and different organizations/speakers in an economical way."  Matthew D. Cox, Senior Process Expert at Essentia Health

What is a "best practice" event?

A best practice is a method, process, activity, incentive or reward that is believed to be more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method or process when applied to a particular condition or circumstance. They are the processes, practices and systems identified in public and private organizations that performed exceptionally well and are widely recognized as improving an organization's performance and efficiency in specific areas.

IIE’s Best Practices conferences showcase the leaders in the application of industrial engineering, ergonomics, supply chain management and healthcare improvement.