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Thank you for your interest in IIE's webinars. These free one-hour presentations by knowledgeable professionals and experienced volunteers provide deeper insight into topics and issues involving industrial engineers and industrial engineering-related disciplines.

Most of these webinars are only accessible by IIE members. Those that are open to the public are so noted. To view many of our recordings, you may need to download this codec if the recording does not automatically start. To watch the recordings, users must be able to view Windows Media Files.

IIE members and others qualified to view designated webinars can also review the webinar archive and access past presentations.

Exposing Undergraduate Students to Sustainable Manufacturing Principles

Presented by Sustainable Development Division
Dec. 1 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Jeremy L. Rickli, Ph.D., assistant professor, Wayne State University

This webinar focuses on opportunities and methods to integrate sustainability philosophies in manufacturing education initiating discussions of how to successfully offer sustainability and sustainable manufacturing education opportunities to undergraduate students.

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How Do I Choose the Correct Ergo Assessment Tool(s)?

Presented by AEC 2016/GOErgo - OPEN TO ALL
Dec. 3 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Jim Potvin, Ph.D., emeritus professor, McMaster University

The purpose of this webinar will be to provide some specific information about what criteria to use when determining which tool or tools are most appropriate when deciding on acceptable loads. I will provide some general principles regarding how to identify the strengths and limitations of various approaches to ergonomics assessment (e.g. biomechanics, psychophysics, physiology, epidemiology, etc.).

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Improving Hospital Operational Efficiency Through Data-Driven Management

Presented by Society for Health Systems
Dec. 8 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: William Griffith, vice president of business process, Jackson Health System

This webinar will focus on utilizing an operations management system to monitor daily hospital functions in real time and captures performance data on pull time — the length of time it takes for patients to occupy assigned beds — number of transfers, and total length of stay (LOS), as well as turnaround time for all ancillary support services such as transport, environmental services work, lab work and radiology.

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Research Challenges and Opportunities in Wireless Charging Electric Vehicles

Presented by Computer & Information Systems Division
Dec. 10 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Young Jae Jang, Ph.D., assistant professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Young Jae Jang will introduce the innovative wireless charging electric vehicle which charges the battery wirelessly from the charging infrastructure installed under the road. The technology is innovative in that the vehicle is charged while it is even in motion. One example of the commercialized system is the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) wireless charging EV shuttle, which is called Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) currently operating in the KAIST campus.

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Effort and Anthropometric Change

Presented by AEC 2016 / GOErgo - OPEN TO ALL
Jan. 7 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Paul Adams, Ph.D., Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc. and Bruce Bradtmiller, Ph.D., Anthrotech

Hear two of the Applied Ergonomics Conference featured speakers share their experience on human factors design in one session and anthropometric changes in the U.S. Army in another session.

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Impact of Visual Models On Risk Attitude And Decision Trade-offs In Aircraft Component Repair

Presented by Manufacturing & Design Division
Jan. 14 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: James Schreiner LTC, U.S. Army and Deborah L. Thurston, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This webinar presents a method for using visual models to help composite aircraft component repair personnel make better decisions. Designers employ both structured and unstructured decision processes. Normative decision processes typically prevail during the early phases of product development, design and construction.

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Using Operations Research to Solve Freight Transportation Problems Faced by Railways

Presenter by Operations Research Division
Jan. 21 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Krishna Jha, vice president, research and development, Optym

Freight transportation by rail consists of complex decision making processes in planning and execution stages. During this webinar, you will be introduced to important business problems and their significances.

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