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Logistics and Supply Chain Division

About the division

The mission of the Logistics & Supply Chain (LSC) Division is to provide its membership with the body of knowledge, networking opportunity, recognition, and educational programs to stay competitive in the global market. The LSC Division has set the following overreaching goals:

  • Collaborate with IISE to advance the institute’s mission in the IE discipline.
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate a body of technical knowledge in the area of logistics & supply chain.
  • Create a forum for technical networking and idea generation for division members.
  • Recognize members and industries for their outstanding contribution to the division and the IISE.
  • Educate division members by sharing cutting edge research, state of the art practice, and current tools & techniques of logistics & supply chain.

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Upcoming webinars

Have a question about LSC webinars or an idea for a future LSC webinar? Please contact Aman Sapra.

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Please submit articles or your company highlights to Pratik J.Parikh.