Applied Ergonomics Conference 2015
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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussion - Tuesday A.M.

Tuesday, March 25
8–9:30 a.m.
Lake Concord Room

Physically Demanding Work Solutions
Ben Zavitz, Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics, Scott Smith, Lockton Insurance Brokers

This session is a continuation of the popular application of ergonomics to physically demanding work environments roundtable discussions of previous years. This year’s roundtable will be focused on ergonomic solutions to physically demanding jobs. Participants will be asked to submit a solution or a problem job prior to the conference. Problems and solutions will be shared in a highly interactive group discussion. Risks will be evaluated using a new risk assessment methodology and solutions will be brainstormed in teams.

Participant level: All levels

Combined Master Track Roundtable Discussion - Tuesday P.M.

Tuesday, March 25
1:30–3:30 p.m.
Lake Concord Room

Applied Ergonomics: The Ergonomist’s Wish List
Catherine Rae, Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics, Ben Zavitz, Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics, Mark Benden, Texas A&M Ergonomics Center and Wayne Maynard, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Do you need more answers to help you assess ergonomic risk in your workplace? Are you concerned about the aging workforce and how your risk thresholds apply? Do you struggle with an inadequate tool for applied hand force measurement? Do you have a good method for measuring cumulative fatigue? Are there postures that concern you in which you need a better analysis tool (i.e., squatting, kneeling, climbing, etc)? This session proposes to capture the ergonomics community’s need for better answers, more applied research and to share ideas for evaluating those tasks that violate the assumptions of our tool box.

This combined Roundtable and Master Track session will provide a forum for collecting and compiling the Ergonomist’s needs and communicating them to the parties that may have or could develop a solution. This 2 hour session will be a combined Round Table and Master Track Session.

In the first hour, discussion groups will be formed based on the following topics: Low Back/Material Handling, Distal Upper Extremity (hand/wrist), Arm/ Elbow/ Shoulder, Lower Extremity and Emerging Issues (Age, Obesity, etc). Ergonomists in each group will share typical tasks they must assess in their workplace(s) and what methods, tools and thresholds they use. They will categorize each of the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and needs for the future for each risk assessment methodology. Each group’s responses will be documented and shared with all participants. In the second hour, we will hear from industry leaders in the area of research, applied methods and measurement and ergonomics practitioners. They will share their insights into the body of knowledge in each area, current research projects and future plans.

Participant level: Intermediate

Roundtable Discussion - Wednesday A.M.

Wednesday, March 26
8–9:30 a.m.
Lake Concord Room

Q & A on Office Ergonomics
Davana Pilczuk, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

This session is a highly interactive group discussion regarding the office ergo questions you need answers to, but have never gotten. Participants are asked to bring a question they would like answered and to also bring an office solution (i.e., product, technique, research finding) they have found helpful in their experience. Questions will be randomly chosen and then a short group discussion will follow. Sample questions are: how long is a microbreak, what are the pros and cons of standing workstations, and how long is too long to sit?

Participant level: Moderate to advanced

Roundtable Discussion - Wednesday P.M.

Wednesday, March 26
1:30–3 p.m.
Lake Concord Room

The Keys to Creating an Ergonomics Culture
Davana Pilczuk, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., Stephen Jenkins, Cintas

Creating a culture of ergonomics should be the main goal for all ergonomics programs, yet it is one of the hardest milestones to achieve. This session will help you identify where your program is on the ergonomics maturity ladder, what steps other companies and individuals took to push their program to the next level, and how you can be a key part of creating that culture change. Active participation from all attendees is required.

Participant level: beginner to moderate

Roundtable Discussion - Wednesday P.M.

Wednesday, March 26
3:30–5 p.m.

Q & A on Industrial Ergonomics
Ben Zavitz, Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics

This session is a highly interactive group discussion regarding industrial ergonomic questions and applications. Participants are encouraged to bring a question or situation they would like answered. Questions will be randomly chosen and then the group will discuss and answer the questions as a group setting. The goal of this interactive discussion is for participants to share their real world experiences and knowledge with each other.

Participant level: Intermediate to advanced