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October 2007 | Lean Division Newsletter

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“The pursuit of excellence, deep recognition that what you are doing is right, is the strongest human emotional motivator in any organization and is the basic driver in true quality leadership."

– A.V. Feigenbaum

Call for Session Organizers

IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2008
Westin Bayshore | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | May 17-21, 2008
The Lean Division of IIE is organizing a track in the general lean research area ( Lean Systems) of the IERC Research portion of the annual conference. The session will showcase new research developments in lean systems from the academe and the industry. Lean systems research can include methodological improvements in any context including such topics as:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Lean in service operations
  • Lean logistics
  • Lean supply chain management
  • Lean implementations in different manufacturing and service industries
  • Lean business process optimization
  • Lean simulation and modeling
  • Lean education and simulation games
  • Lean system performance evaluation
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Managing risks in lean systems
  • Global trends in lean
  • Other areas of lean

We would like to invite you to organize one or more 75-minute sessions. If you are interested, you would need to invite 3 - 4 speakers in each of your sessions. As you organize these sessions, please keep in mind that while the speaker has an option to submit a full length paper to the conference proceedings, a presentation without a paper is also acceptable.

Please e-mail the track chairs if you are interested in organizing lean sessions in the Lean Systems track or for further questions. We are looking forward to working with you and seeing you at the annual conference in Vancouver!

Track chairs
Ahad Ali, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Lawrence Technological University
Ertunga Ozelkan, assistant professor of engineering management, program associate director of the Center for Lean Logistics and Engineered Systems University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Are you a lean leader?
By Kevin McManus

Catalyst Paper Improves Shipping Efficiency with Simulation
A case study sponsored by Rockwell Automation.  Read more 

Featured lean definition
Team: A temporary or ongoing group whose members are charged with working together to identify problems, from a consensus about what should be done, and implement necessary actions in relation to a particular task or organizational area.

Featured book review
Creating the Ultimate Lean Office: A Zero-Waste Environment with Process Automation by Raymond S. Louis is a very easy to read book. Several examples are detailed to illustrate the concepts including a mortgage banking company and a manufacturer with company-owned foreign and domestic distribution centers. Each example is further illustrated with the necessary forms, figures, and checklists. This book is a must read for any organization as it applies to such a large portion of waste across industries. Read more.

Featured Web site
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory is a site for the field of rapid prototyping in the areas of solid freeform fabrication, rapid manufacturing, desktop manufacturing, direct manufacturing, and layered manufacturing.

Ask the Expert, Measuring R&D
 My department primarily deals with work measurement and cost reduction for our food processing plants. Our area of expertise is the measurement of the short-cycled, highly repetitive jobs of the production lines. I have been asked to provide assistance to our corporate laboratory and research services department in assessing their staffing levels. The labs are staffed with chemists and microbiologists who perform a wide variety of research and analytical testing. Are there any guidelines or assessment tools to evaluate laboratory staffing? Answer 

Lean Master Certificate
An IIE certificate program

Learn online with IIE's recorded webcasts.

Submit an article
The lean division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is continuously searching for new material to provide to its membership. If you would like to contribute and see your articles in the newsletter and on the Web site, please submit your article to Beth Cudney, Ph.D.

Articles should be approximately two to three pages in length. It should be single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman, and in Word format. Graphs, diagrams, pictures, and charts can also be included. Please send all artwork (photos, graphs, etc.) as separate attachments. High-resolution electronic images only. Suitable formats include GIF, or PNG. Do not embed photos in a Word document. Please also include a one or two sentence biography. Contact information can be included at your discretion.

The Lean Division board of directors strongly believes the newsletter and Web site provide a valuable service to our membership. By continuously providing current and relative articles in the areas of lean and Six Sigma, we can continuously improve our service to our customers. I hope that you will be able to help us achieve this goal.

Beth Cudney, Ph.D.

Lean Reads
[Lean] Knowledge is Power!

Continuing education is what the Institute of Industrial Engineers is all about. To improve the lean processes at your company and increase your professional development, the board members of the lean division have strongly recommend some Lean Reads to help on the journey to the lean enterprise.

Lean Enterprise seminars
A lean enterprise views itself as part of an extended value chain, focusing on the elimination of waste between you and your suppliers,and you and your customers. Read more

We welcome your input. Please send submissions and feedback to Beth Cudney, Ph.D. Please include "Lean e-Newsletter" in the subject line of your message.

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