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How to Prepare Your Financial Information Fact Sheet

The information supplied on this Fact Sheet will be restructured by IISE staff to conform with Internal Revenue Service regulations and IISE's Chapter Group Tax Filing Form 990.

Make photocopies of all documents sent to IISE! 

Begin by entering your chapter name, chapter number and federal employer identification number on the top of the form. Federal employer identification numbers are found in the Chapter Officers Directory. 

  1. Enter the total of dues income your chapter collected for the year.
  2. Enter the total of interest, dividend, and capital gains income.
  3. Enter the total of all contributions received. Attach a list showing the donors’ names and amounts donated.
  4. Enter all income derived from conferences or seminars. On the expense side, enter all expenses for conferences/seminars where the expense was made in relation to a conference/seminar that would generate income to the chapter.
  5. Enter all income derived from scheduled membership meetings, i.e., fees, meal collections, etc. On the expense side, enter all expenses for meetings where income was collected. If no income was collected at a meeting, the expenses should be reported on Line 10.
  6. Enter all income derived from the sale of mailing lists or advertisements in your chapter newsletter. On the expense side, enter applicable expenses for these items. If no income exists for this area, expenses should be reported on Line 9.
  7. Enter all other income received and applicable expenses attributable to the income reported. Attach a list or statement explaining the nature of the items.
  8. Enter total of all contributions, grants, scholarships, etc. Attach a list showing name of recipient, amount contributed, and the reason.
  9. Enter total expenses for newsletters, publications and other material prepared by the chapter for distribution to the membership. If revenue derived, enter on Line 6.
  10. Enter total expenses for monthly meetings. If revenue derived, enter on Line 5.
  11. Enter total expenses in relation to student activities. (Senior chapters only)
  12. Enter total expenses for community service projects.
  13. Enter total expenses for member services not reported in any area above.
  14. Enter total expense of officers and appointees for meetings, etc. in the name of the chapter.
  15. Enter total expenses for operating the chapter, i.e., checking account fees, postage, stationery, etc.
  16. Enter miscellaneous expenses and attach a listing showing nature of each individual expenditure and amount.
  17. Add income and expense columns to determine gross income and gross expenses for the year.
  18. Beginning with the chapter’s net worth as of April 1, add income and subtract expenses for the year from Line 17 and determine net worth as of March 31.
  19. Under Statement of Net Worth, enter cash, checking, savings and other balances. Other balances should be explained and identified. Copies of pass books and bank statements MUST be attached to the package to verify figures shown.

The total of these figures should equal the total net worth as of March 31, 2006, reported in item 18 above.


Key to Notations on the Financial Information Sheet 

  1. Attach a list of donors and amount contributed.
  2. Report income and comparable expenses in relation to income. For example, under monthly meetings, the income and expense should be reported on Line 5. If no income is derived, the expenses should be reported on Line 10.
  3. Attach a brief explanation of all miscellaneous items for identification and reporting.
  4. Attach a list of recipients receiving contributions, grants, scholarships, showing reasons granted and amounts.

    Only senior chapters use this line in reporting expenses. University chapters should report chapter development expenses under member services.
  5. Submit copies of pass books, bank statements, etc. to verify this figure
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