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Tax Filing Instructions | Excel form

Contact Information

Please fill out all requested information including alternate phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

New Requirements

Please pay particular information to the bottom of page one where we request that the chapter treasurer be assigned as the signatory on the bank accounts every time there is a change.

*Please note: the recent requirement to add our corporate operations manager as a signatory has been removed.

Bank Statement

All chapters are required to submit a bank statement for the period March 1, 2011, to March 31, 2011. This is due at the same time as the tax filing.

Financial Information

Enter your income and expenses directly to the Income and Expense worksheets in the IRS Report workbook. (Look for the tabs on the bottom of the sheet.) Please provide as much description as possible.

Totals of income and expenses are linked to the summary page, eliminating your need to copy them over. The only amounts that need to be entered on the summary sheet are:

  • Net worth on April 1 of last year, which should be equal to net worth on March 31 from last year’s filing.
  • Balances in petty cash, checking and savings accounts as at March 31 of current year.

Tax filing form 2010-2011 (Excel)

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