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Productivity management

A: Select a partner who understands that labor standards and a labor management system are components of a total productivity management solution. A total solution goes beyond labor standards and the software. It includes:

  • The optimization of processes through the implementation of best practices and preferred methods.
  • A comprehensive change management program.
  • Clearly defined goals and objectives
  • A solid implementation strategy.

Another factor is that you want a partner to deliver a solution that takes your total operation into consideration. A partner with a narrow focus may deliver a solid set of standards but may not give you a solution that optimizes the operation.

Selecting labor management software is a lot different from selecting most other software solutions. There are only a handful of players in this market, and the leaders clearly stand out. Most of the consulting firms that work in this area bring a predefined solution to the table when they bid the job.

The partner you select to assist with the development of you labor management program should be able to direct you to the right software without putting you through a major software selection process. However, there are a few things you want to make sure the solutioni has:

  • A discrete goal time calculation engine. This results in a unique goal time for each task that is based on variables specific to each task.
  • 3-D mapping capabilities to ensure accurate vertical and horizontal travel distances.
  • Real-time or near real-time performance feedback capabilities
  • Easy, straightforward interfacing with your warehouse management system.
  • A proven track record with several good reference sites.

Jeff Rose 

Oilfield simulation 

A: Simulation would be an excellent tool to help analyze and improve oilfield operations. It could be applied in many different areas, including operations and maintenance, as you suggested. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Optimizing the route of drilling and maintenance rigs to minimize travel and downtime associated with moves.
  • Scheduling drilling and maintenance rigs and production activities, taking into account the myriad process steps and contingencies affecting oilfield production.
  • Well site process improvement for drilling, production, and maintenance.
  • Analyzing the impact on the overall system of well or field maintenance activities.
  • Financial analysis of system variations

Rainer Dronzek 

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