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Member Spotlight: Janaina M.H. Costa

Janaina M.H. Costa is a Postdoctoral Associate with the Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is currently working on LAI Lean Program Management Community of Practice. She is interested in understanding what are the appropriate metrics that reveal the impact of implementing lean product development methods, tools and practices.

Her interests include product development improvement approaches, with a special focus on process diagnosis. She believes that process diagnosis is one of the main practices companies should perform in order to identify the most relevant improvement opportunities. The analysis and evaluation of these opportunities allow the team to focus their attention where it is needed most.

She wrote her Ph.D. thesis at the Sao Paulo University on product development process improvement with a focus on diagnosis. After performing several in-depth case studies, in which the current situation of PD processes were mapped, she developed a process diagnosis method. The research methods applied were quasi-experiments and in-depth case studies to test the results. The main results were: 1) diagnosis system; 2) an empirical database of recurrent PD process constraints/problems; and 3) a portfolio of improvement action.

Janaina received her M.S. in industrial engineering from University of Sao Paulo (BR), and her B.S. in administration science and her B.S. in accounting sciences from Unicep University. Costa also has consulting experience focused on improving the PD process of small and medium-sized technology-based companies. This experience allows her to integrate empirical and theoretic focus in her researches.

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