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Chapter No. 803 - University of Arkansas

Provided by Megan Peters
Edited by Emilie Gerhart

The University of Arkansas chapter of IIE is located in Fayetteville, Ark., at a university that is made up of nearly 23,000 students. The University of Arkansas chapter has the wonderful capability to incorporate and communicate with the members from a group called the Academy. This prestigious group is made up of accomplished alumni, and professional chapter members that add new inductees each year, and professional chapter members. Many of the members of the Academy live in the Northwest Arkansas region due to the amount of industry that exists near to the University of Arkansas chapter. Maintaining a relationship with the Academy members allows the members of the University of Arkansas chapter to receive an inside look to the surrounding industry and job market.

The University of Arkansas chapter hosts many events for their members, including the annual "Welcome Back" cookout and Halloween costume party in the fall. The chapter officers also organize events centered around the professional development of the members. The officers of the University of Arkansas chapter take advantage of their ties to the Academy by hosting these professional development events with assistance from the members of the Academy. The main event is a week organized to conduct resume reviews and mock interviews for students. This year, the chapter will invite a faculty member from the college to review general resume formatting, and will also provide time for the students to spend time with the Academy members to further critique resumes. Later that week, mock interviews will be conducted, where Academy members will accommodate one-on-one mock job interviews with students who sign up. This event always receives great feedback from both students and Academy members. Other events include a business etiquette dinner and Academy members in industry coming to speak with students about various topics.

Another great opportunity is that IIE officers have the honor of volunteering service to the department for recruitment and other engineering events that take place throughout the year. This allows interaction between both the faculty and freshmen by participating in these events. The industrial engineering department head, Dr. Kim Needy, was voted president-elect of IIE last semester, which will prove to be exciting for the chapter.

This year the chapter has planned to increase student involvement and student-professional chapter interaction. A good example of one of these goals being pursued is the addition of a sophomore representative to increase sophomore involvement. This will benefit the growth of the chapter due to the fact that since students do not declare engineering disciplines until sophomore year.  The executive board of the University of Arkansas chapter would like for IIE to be an organization about which students are excited and that they rely on for social interaction with others in the department, as well as a resource for students to learn more about the department and about opportunities available to them both now and upon graduation.

The chapter is set to host the regional conference in 2014.

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