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Notes from the Newsletter Editor


"Leadership is winning … describing wins always comes before achieving wins." – Leadership Freak

The first step toward winning is defining it.

The September 2012 newsletter seems to mark a transitional time for us with the goal of building upon the incredible foundation which has been laid out by Dr. Forbes and many others. High attendance at the town hall meeting in Orlando, new contributors to the newsletter and the website, and an influx of construction-related content are indicators of recent success within the division.

My current role will glue together initiatives and resources within the construction division and hopefully bridge the gap between student and professional offerings. This goal aligns with an over-arching theme for IIE where a newly formed young professionals organization is striving to retain ALL student members as professional members upon graduation.

At the national level, IIE is streamlining policy, flooding the website with fresh content, and preparing for conference, which will be held in a slightly desirable location: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My message to students: find a way to attend. My message to professionals: Put it in your calendar now, ask your companies now, and find a way to attend.

The new faces in the newsletter are there because they took a small risk and said "yes" to trying something new. Usually, that’s all it takes to have a professional or personal breakthrough. The true value of networking is simple, but not easy. Construction and other "non-traditional" IE industries are in need of game changers.

Help us define what winning looks like and have some fun in the process.


Bobby Smyth, Newsletter Editor

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