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SEMS Website Content Update

As you may know, SEMS is currently executing a strategic initiative to improve its website content and make our large knowledge base of selected books, papers and presentations from various conferences available to all our members. As the first step in this effort, we have recruited 14 topic leaders who accepted the responsibility to selected high quality books, articles, and conference papers to "feed" the website. The topic leaders have also agreed to periodically write blogs for the SEMS, which can be found at: http://sems-blog.org/tag/semsblog/.

At the SEMS website the members will be able to access materials related to variety of topics under the following knowledge domains: product development and project management, improvement methodologies (including topics such Lean, and Six Sigma), and organizational development and change. Future expansion will focus on additional domains, such as external perspectives, strategy and decision making, human resources management, and systems thinking, as well as emergent industry areas and topics, such as healthcare and/or green and sustainability. Check it out at www.iienet2.org/sems.

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