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How to work with editors

Public relations — together with advertising, promotions, direct mail, telemarketing, trade show participation, and direct selling — is an important element in an overall marketing program. To present PR information to Industrial Engineer  magazine, you need to know how to work effectively with the editorial team. Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. Understand that your sales representative has no influence over editorial coverage. Editorial is selected only on the basis of our readers’ needs for information, not by the size of your advertising schedule. This stringent editorial policy assures readers that they get unbiased, fair coverage of news and events. And it’s why they’ve come to trust Industrial Engineer, recognizing it as the authoritative voice of the profession.

2. Recognize the publication’s editorial positioning and content. Industrial Engineer presents information that readers can put to use in their work. News, technical advice, management insight, expert perspectives, industry trends, new technologies, applicable research, and product information are presented every month. The more you know about the magazine, the better you can tailor your press releases to editors’ needs and the magazine’s audience.

3. Present story ideas and new product information from the readers’ angle. Many press releases are written from the viewpoint of the manufacturer rather than the Industrial Engineer reader. To present information from the readers’ angle, put yourself in the shoes of an industrial engineer and ask yourself “So what?” For example, rather than simply touting the features of a new software program, explain the specific benefits of the product to an engineer. The product may allow him to obtain more precise data, get work done faster, keep a project on budget, or enjoy higher profits, to name a few possibilities.

4. Be prepared to supply photos or additional information upon request. Sometimes, an editor will want to use your press release as the basis of a news story or a feature. In this case, you may be called upon to provide names and phone numbers of additional resources such as users of your product.

5. Know the ropes. If you’d like to make a more substantial editorial contribution to Industrial Engineer, review the magazine’s author guidelines. These will give you direction in the appropriate way to submit a feature article.

6. Ask the right person. For more information about Industrial Engineer editorial content, contact managing editor Michael Hughes.

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